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  1. steel
  2. free silver
  3. otis brothers
  4. arthur
  5. wyoming
  1. a inluded in the populist party
  2. b reason for Carnegie's fortune
  3. c first estate to allow women's suffrage
  4. d produced elevators
  5. e legislated Pendleton act

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  1. workers completed the first transcontinental railroad
  2. favored a gold standard
  3. first modern American skyscraper
  4. where gold was discovered
  5. published Blessed Assurance

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  1. chester arthurlegislated Pendleton act


  2. louisa alcottencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


  3. homestead actencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


  4. john sousathe March king


  5. moodyreason for Carnegie's fortune


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