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  1. moody
  2. carver
  3. wyoming
  4. christopher sholes
  5. ICC
  1. a developed use of peanut
  2. b a great evangelist across America
  3. c invented the typewriter
  4. d regulated railroads
  5. e first estate to allow women's suffrage

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  1. shot after four months in office by a disappointed political office seeker
  2. where gold was discovered
  3. Hoosier poet
  4. stated that segregation was legal
  5. published Blessed Assurance

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  1. benjamin harrisonHoosier poet


  2. pendleton actprovided for examinations for civil service workers


  3. sod housescommon type of housing for settlers on the prairie


  4. arthurdeveloped use of peanut


  5. louisa alcottwrote Little Women


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