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History 8 Chapters 15-16 Review Test

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  1. ben-hur
  2. arthur
  3. louisa alcott
  4. wyoming
  5. currier and Ives
  1. a legislated Pendleton act
  2. b wrote Little Women
  3. c first estate to allow women's suffrage
  4. d was written by Wallace
  5. e provided us with a pictoral history of american life

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  1. shot after four months in office by a disappointed political office seeker
  2. opened the great plains for settlement in 1862
  3. led the Indians in the battle at Little Bighorn
  4. invented the typewriter
  5. one who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product

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  1. john sousathe March king


  2. free silverinluded in the populist party


  3. coloradowhere gold was discovered


  4. sod housescommon type of housing for settlers on the prairie


  5. dawes actencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


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