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  1. frederic remington
  2. fanny crosby
  3. alexander bell
  4. chester arthur
  5. edwin drake
  1. a published Blessed Assurance
  2. b drilled the firs oil well
  3. c worked with Thomas Watson
  4. d became President after the assassination of Garfield
  5. e well known for painting cowboys and indians

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  1. sacred area of Sioux Indians
  2. inluded in the populist party
  3. produced elevators
  4. he named 1865-1900, The Gilded Age
  5. Centennial State

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  1. mel trotterproduced elevators


  2. carverdeveloped use of peanut


  3. James Rileyencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


  4. pendleton actencouraged the Indians to take up farming or ranching


  5. clevelandfirst Democrat to be elected President after civil war


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