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  1. colorado
  2. free silver
  3. Plessy v. Ferguson
  4. cleveland
  5. edison
  1. a discovered incandescent light bulb
  2. b stated that segregation was legal
  3. c first Democrat to be elected President after civil war
  4. d Centennial State
  5. e inluded in the populist party

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  1. became President after the assassination of Garfield
  2. developed oil refining techniques
  3. where gold was discovered
  4. shot after four months in office by a disappointed political office seeker
  5. common type of housing for settlers on the prairie

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  1. 1890regulated railroads


  2. ICCyear when US census say the frontier had been settled


  3. frederic remingtonwell known for painting cowboys and indians


  4. McKinleyfavored a gold standard


  5. arthurwas written by Wallace


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