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  1. louisa alcott
  2. 1890
  3. wainwright building
  4. bessemer
  5. edison
  1. a year when US census say the frontier had been settled
  2. b developed oil refining techniques
  3. c wrote Little Women
  4. d first modern American skyscraper
  5. e discovered incandescent light bulb

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  1. sacred area of Sioux Indians
  2. made fortune in the oil industry
  3. common type of housing for settlers on the prairie
  4. not a reason that Chicago became a great prosperous city
  5. was influential in admitting six western states during his term

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  1. promontory pointworkers completed the first transcontinental railroad


  2. chester arthurbecame President after the assassination of Garfield


  3. McKinleya great evangelist across America


  4. frederic remingtoninluded in the populist party


  5. wyomingfirst estate to allow women's suffrage


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