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  1. colorado
  2. benjamin harrison
  3. arthur
  4. edwin drake
  1. a was influential in admitting six western states during his term
  2. b legislated Pendleton act
  3. c where gold was discovered
  4. d drilled the firs oil well

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  1. favored a gold standard
  2. was written by Wallace
  3. sacred area of Sioux Indians
  4. one who risks personal loss to develop and market a new product
  5. provided for examinations for civil service workers

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  1. carverlegislated Pendleton act


  2. new inventionsnot a reason that Chicago became a great prosperous city


  3. fanny crosbyHoosier poet


  4. alexander bellworked with Thomas Watson


  5. James RileyHoosier poet


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