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History 8 Chapters 15-16 Review Test

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  1. alexander bell
  2. colorado
  3. wyoming
  4. fanny crosby
  5. benjamin harrison
  1. a first estate to allow women's suffrage
  2. b where gold was discovered
  3. c worked with Thomas Watson
  4. d was influential in admitting six western states during his term
  5. e published Blessed Assurance

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  1. invented the typewriter
  2. first Democrat to be elected President after civil war
  3. produced elevators
  4. not a reason that Chicago became a great prosperous city
  5. developed use of peanut

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  1. thomas edisonthe greatest inventor in American History


  2. mark twainlegislated Pendleton act


  3. edisonregulated railroads


  4. rockefellermade fortune in the oil industry


  5. free silverinluded in the populist party


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