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  1. Which of the following is not a common or effective brainstorming technique?
    A. making lists
    B. refining topic purpose
    C. topic mapping
    D. using word association
  2. Which of the following outlines uses a few words associated with each specific point?
    A. working
    B. speaking
    C. key-word
    D. phrase
  3. Effective transitions move listeners between...
    A. one main point the and the next
    B. a main point and a supporting point.
    C. one supporting point and another supporting point.
    D. one main point and the next, a main point and a supporting point, and one supporting point and another supporting point
  4. The following four phrases pertain to a specific speech. Use the phrases to answer the question.
    - Phrase 1: the Department of Transportation (DOT)
    -Phrase 2: DOT programs available online to serve community members
    - Phrase 3: to inform
    -Phrase 4: to inform the audience about three online DOT programs for consumers- Hazardous Road Conditions,Vehicle Registration, and Driver's License Renewal- so that they will be able to use the services of these programs

    Which phrase is the narrowed topic?
    A. Phrase 1
    B. Phrase 2
    C. Phrase 3
    D. Phrase 4
  5. In her speech about friendship, Becca opened her speech by stating, "As Vanessa Smith has written, 'Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.'" Becca bean her introduction by using...
    A. repetition
    B. a startling statement
    C. a quotation
    D. imagery
  1. a D. one main point and the next, a main point and a supporting point, and one supporting point and another supporting point
  2. b B. Phrase 2
  3. c C. Key-word
  4. d C. a quotation
  5. e B. refining topic purpose

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  1. A. introduction
  2. connotative meaning
  3. B. ends with a strong conclusion
  4. Spoken language is more interact with the audience
  5. D. all the above

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  1. The recipient of the source's messages is...
    A. the encoder
    B. the channel
    C. the receiver
    D. the encoder, the channel, and the receiver
    C. the receiver


  2. Which type of reference work summarizes knowledge that is found in original form elsewhere?encyclopedias


  3. Factors that distinguish public speaking from other forms of communication include...
    A. opportunities for feedback
    B. level of preparation
    C. degree of formality
    D. opportunities for feedback, level of preparation, and degree of formality
    information gathered by others


  4. The Athenians demonstrated their oratorical talent in a public space called a...
    A. public forum
    B. deliberative forum
    C. city-state
    D. agora
    illustrate, describe, and represent things


  5. Anything that influences the speaker, the audience, the speech, the occasion, or the situation is called...
    A. context
    B. goals
    C. outcome
    D. communication process
    A. context


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