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  1. recessive
  2. Law of Segregation
  3. If Tom needs a transfusion, what blood type can he receive? He has AB positive blood.
  4. epistasis
  5. genotype
  1. a genetic makeup
  2. b a gene that blocks the expression of another gene
  3. c chromosome pairs separate and each go into different gametes
  4. d Any type
  5. e need 2 to be expressed

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  1. when a single gene disorder causes many phenotypes
  2. alternate form of a gene
  3. circles
  4. the dominant gene is always expressed
  5. squares

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  1. dihybrida mixture of 2 true breeding strains


  2. autosomal recessivea phenotype that is recessive and located on a non sex chromosome


  3. If a person has blood type A negative, what blood type could they receive with a transfusion?Any type


  4. MELASthe fluid portion of blood


  5. locuslocation of gene on a chromosome


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