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  1. What Antibodies does B contain?
  2. true-breeding stains
  3. Law of Unit Pairs
  4. In a pedigree how are males depicted?
  5. achondroplasia
  1. a strain that both genes are the same for a characteristic
  2. b squares
  3. c genetic dwarfism—autosomal dominant
  4. d genes exist in pairs
  5. e anti-A

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  1. more than 1 allele is dominant
  2. need 2 to be expressed
  3. physical makeup
  4. genetic makeup
  5. a person that carries a recessive gene but does not exhibit the symptoms of the disease

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  1. If Tom needs a transfusion, what blood type can he receive? He has AB positive blood.Any type


  2. homozygouswhen 2 alleles are different


  3. heterozygouswhen 2 alleles are the same


  4. antibodiesa protein found on the surface of a cell which triggers antibody formation


  5. formed elementsthe cellular portion of blood


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