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  1. Incomplete dominance
  2. Marfan's
  3. Joe has type homozygous A blood and his wife has heterozygous B. What are the possible blood types for their children?
  4. plasma
  5. heteroplasmy
  1. a the fluid portion of blood
  2. b AB and A
  3. c connective tissue disorder that damages structural components of body-autosomal dominant
  4. d not all cells are affected
  5. e heterozygous form is inbetween dominant and recessive

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  1. none
  2. genetic dwarfism—autosomal dominant
  3. crossing one trait
  4. sickle shaped cells from mutated hemoglobin-autosomal recessive
  5. need 2 to be expressed

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  1. What Antibodies does A contain?anti B


  2. In a pedigree how are afflicted individuals depicted?circles


  3. carriera person that carries a recessive gene but does not exhibit the symptoms of the disease


  4. Law of Dominancethe dominant gene is always expressed


  5. codominancemore than 1 allele is dominant


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