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  1. epistasis
  2. antigen
  3. hypercholesterolemia
  4. autosomal recessive
  5. pleiotropy
  1. a a gene that blocks the expression of another gene
  2. b high cholesterol from lack of receptors on cells-autosomal dominant
  3. c when a single gene disorder causes many phenotypes
  4. d a phenotype that is recessive and located on a non sex chromosome
  5. e a protein found on the surface of a cell which triggers antibody formation

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  1. a phenotype that is dominant and located on a non sex chromosome
  2. when homologous pairs line up it is random
  3. need 2 to be expressed
  4. completely shaded
  5. AB and A

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  1. Huntington'smitochondrial disorder that affects only certain cells—mutation


  2. What Antibodies does B contain?anti A& B


  3. codominancethe dominant gene is always expressed


  4. dihybridcrossing 2 traits


  5. In a pedigree how are females depicted?circles


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