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  1. antibodies
  2. In a pedigree how are females depicted?
  3. cystic fibrosis
  4. genotype
  5. formed elements
  1. a the cellular portion of blood
  2. b proteins found in the plasma of blood and bind with antigens
  3. c buildup of mucus causing digestive and lung problems-autosomal recessive
  4. d circles
  5. e genetic makeup

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  1. location of gene on a chromosome
  2. lack of pigment-autosomal recessive
  3. half shaded
  4. physical makeup
  5. squares

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  1. hybrida mixture of 2 true breeding strains


  2. epistasisthe fluid portion of blood


  3. What Antibodies does B contain?anti A& B


  4. allelealternate form of a gene


  5. Huntington'smitochondrial disorder that affects only certain cells—mutation


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