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  1. What Antibodies does A contain?
  2. Law of Segregation
  3. heterozygous
  4. Law of Unit Pairs
  5. In a pedigree how are afflicted individuals depicted?
  1. a when 2 alleles are different
  2. b genes exist in pairs
  3. c completely shaded
  4. d anti B
  5. e chromosome pairs separate and each go into different gametes

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  1. can't break down phenylalanine-autosomal recessive
  2. mitochondrial disorder that causes buildup of lactic acid—mutation
  3. degeneration of the nervous system—autosomal dominant
  4. alternate form of a gene
  5. mitochondrial disorder that affects only certain cells—mutation

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  1. hypercholesterolemiahigh cholesterol from lack of receptors on cells-autosomal dominant


  2. dihybridcrossing one trait


  3. Joe has type homozygous A blood and his wife has heterozygous B. What are the possible blood types for their children?Any type


  4. What Antibodies does O contain?anti A& B


  5. Law of Dominancethe dominant gene is always expressed


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