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  1. On va bientôt arriver
  2. qui l'aurait cru
  3. il a du mal à les bouger
  4. croit reconnaître
  5. nous n'y manquerons pas
  1. a we're almost there
  2. b it's hard to move them
  3. c thinks he recognizes
  4. d who would have believed it!
  5. e we'll be sure to

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  1. auction
  2. we'll have to
  3. to have fallen asleep
  4. for once
  5. shots

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  1. garantscratching


  2. lui serrant le braswe'd better


  3. trés soulagé de savoirvery relieved to know


  4. tentativeattempt


  5. grosse bedainescolds


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