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  1. tous les jours
  2. quelque part
  3. fête foraine
  4. sans jamais être invité
  5. Bon, à moi de jouer!
  1. a Well, now it's my turn to play!
  2. b country fair
  3. c without ever being invited
  4. d every day
  5. e somewhere

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  1. grimacing with disgust
  2. summoning all his courage
  3. raise
  4. disappear
  5. little old man with a gotee

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  1. outréoutraged


  2. On va bientôt arriverwe're almost there


  3. On a du boulot à fairwe've got work to do


  4. bordée d'orgravel road


  5. Bon voyage de retour!stuffed deer's head


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