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  1. a heavy infestation of lice characterized by hardened, scarred pigmented skin and secondary infections, usually as a result of intense scratching
  2. an emetic; comes wrapped in a paper similar to candy or gum; one-time rodenticide; if the rats eat enough of the red squill, they will be killed by paralysis of the heart muscles
  3. Plague, Lyme disease, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  4. on water

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  1. Warfaringenerally put in corn meal; reduces the clotting ability of the blood and increases the permability of the capillaries; eventually they begin hemorrhaging and the blood seeps through the blood vessels, weakening the rats until they eventually die


  2. Ticks and their associated diseasesLyme disease


  3. Life history of insect with complete metamorphosisburrowing rodent; largest domestic rat; heavy stocky body; averages 7-18 ounces in weight and between 7--10 inches in lengthfound throughout the temperate regions of the U.S.; prefer garbage, meat, fish, veggies, fruits and cereal


  4. Characteristics of the Norway RatPlague, Lyme disease, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome


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