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  1. Siddhartha
  2. Western Ghats
  3. Darius I
  4. subsistence farming
  5. Indo-Ganges Plain
  1. a a type of farming in which people grow food just for their family's use
  2. b the Buddha
  3. c a follower of Cyrus, brought the Persian Empire to India
  4. d Rolling mountains west of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.
  5. e a region in India through which the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers flow

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  1. a way of living that can help Buddhists find relief from their suffering
  2. a serf; the lowest position in Aryan society
  3. 1) Suffering is a way of life for all people
    2) People suffer because they want so many things in life
    3) If people can free themselves from wanting so many things, they will not suffer
    4) People can free themselves from wants and from suffering by following the Eightfold path
  4. the process in which a person goes from one life to the next life after death
  5. "Books of Knowladge"

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  1. Monsoon seasonthe Himalaya's highest peak


  2. dharmathe order of the universe


  3. Bodh Gayaa town in which Siddhartha meditated under


  4. Eastern GhatsRolling mountains east of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.


  5. Cryus IIis said to be the founder of the Persian Empire


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