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  1. Western Ghats
  2. Brahmin
  3. Mount Everest
  4. Zoroastrianism
  5. Cryus II
  1. a a priest or teacher; the highest position in Aryan society
  2. b is said to be the founder of the Persian Empire
  3. c the Himalaya's highest peak
  4. d Rolling mountains west of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.
  5. e a religion founded by the Persian prophet Zoroaster in what is today known as Iran

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  1. the land surrounding the Indus River in Pakistan
  2. the order of the universe
  3. a large reigon of land seperated by water from other land areas
  4. a state of pure goodness
  5. a different language from other people who were living in the Aryan Valley

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  1. Eastern GhatsRolling mountains east of the Deccan Plateau in Southern India.


  2. Vedas"Books of Knowladge"


  3. Siddharthathe Buddha


  4. Castea lifelong social group into which a person is born


  5. Sudraa serf; the lowest position in Aryan society


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