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  1. in a HW population, the frequency of the a allele is 0.4. what is the frequency of individuals with Aa genotype?
    A. 0.16
    B. 0.20
    C. 0.60
    D. 0.48
    E. cant tell from info provided
  2. in the nitrogen cycle, the transformation of gaseous nitrogen into nitrogen-containing compounds is performed primarily by:
    A. fungi
    B. bacteria
    C. green plants
    D. herbivores
    E. carnivores
  3. for some traits such as birth weight, natural selection favors individuals that are average and the extremes are selected against this is known as:
    A. diversifying selection
    B. directional selection
    C. adaptive radiation
    D. disruptive selection
    E. stabilizing selection
  1. a B
  2. b E
  3. c D

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  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. B

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  1. a species is defined as
    A. a population of organisms similar in size shape and color
    B. a group of organisms that live in the same habitat
    C. a population of organisms that are able to interbreed
    D. a population of organisms that have the same # of chromosomes
    E. a population of organismss with a common ancestor


  2. although the seal and the penguin both have streamlines, fish-like bodies with a layer of insulating fat, they arent closely related. this similarity results from
    A. convergent evolution
    B. adaptive radiation
    C. homologous evolution
    D. coevolution
    E. analogous evolution


  3. assuming that the population was in HWE for the G locus, what percentage of moths in the natural population was white in 1962?
    A. 2%
    B. 4%
    C. 8%
    D. 20%
    E. 64%


  4. greatest diversity of species
    A. tropical rain forest
    B. taiga
    C. arctic tundra
    D. temperate grassland
    E. desert


  5. lack of water common in summer; seasonal temp variations; maintained by periodic fires
    A. tropical rain forest
    B. taiga
    C. arctic tundra
    D. temperate grassland
    E. desert


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