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  1. auscultation
  2. intricate
  3. machination
  4. steadfast
  5. ferret
  1. a noun
    A plot or intrigue
  2. b noun
    The act of listening, either directly or through a stethoscope , to sounds within the body as a method of diagnosis.
  3. c verb
    To search and discover through investigation
  4. d adjective
    Highly involved or detailed.
  5. e adjective

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  1. adjective
    Not protected by trademark
  2. adjective
    Done in secrecy
  3. verb
    To search thoroughly.
  4. noun
    A violent and needless disturbance
  5. verb
    To annoy or distress

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  1. robustadjective
    Physically strong


  2. repentverb
    To feel sorry for


  3. despondentverb
    To feel sorry for


  4. withstandadjective
    Highly involved or detailed.


  5. benefitverb
    To receive good from something


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