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  1. mitosis prophase
  2. meiosis 2
  3. diploid cells
  4. cell cycle
  5. mitosis metaphase
  1. a first and longest phase of mitosis, chromatin condenses into chromosomes and becomes visable, centrioles separate and move to opposite sides of the nucleus, spindle begins to form, nucluer envelope bracks down
  2. b second stage of mitosis where chromosomes line up across the center of the cell, mictotubles connect the centromere of each chromosome to the 2 poles of the spindle
  3. c cells that contain both sets of homologous chromosomes, two complete sets of chromosomes and two completed sets of genes
  4. d 2 daughter cells from meiosis now enter second meiotic division
  5. e a series of events that a cell goes through as it grows and divides

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  1. two tiny structures located in the cell cytoplasm near the nuclear envelope
  2. scientists who discovered that cells in mitosis contain a protein that when injected into a nondividing cell, would cause mitosis
  3. the third and shortest phase of interphase, the second gap phase where many of the organelles and molecules required for cell division are produced
  4. the process by which a cell divides into two new daughter cells
  5. number of chromosomes in a diploid cell

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  1. N=(number of chromosomes)chromosomes from the male parent has a corresponding chromosome from the female parent


  2. Mendel's principleseach organism must inherit a single copy of every gene from each of its "parents", when an organism produces its gametes, those two sets of genes must be separated from each other so that each gamete contains just one set of genes


  3. meiosis prophase 2paired chromatids separate and move to opposite ends of the cell


  4. cytokinesisdivision of the cell nucleus


  5. cancerdisease related to cell division and life span where cells do not die on schedule resulting in overcrowding and uncontrolled growth of cells


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