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  1. Describe the elbow joint
  2. What are the plane joints?
  3. What is subluxation
  4. ball and socket joint
  5. Why don't ligaments repair quickly?
  1. a becasu they are non-vascular
  2. b when a bone "feels" as if it is going to pop out of the joint or partial dislocation
  3. c synovial joints where articulating surfaces are flat
    carpals and tarsals
  4. d spherical head of one bone fits into a cup of other
    multiaxial joint permit most freely moveing synovial joints
    ex. carpometacarpal of thumb
  5. e hinge joint that allows flexation and extension only
    radius and ulna sarticulate with humerous

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  1. inflammation of bursa
  2. greater mobility
  3. iliofemora and pubofemoral ligament
  4. osteoarthritis
  5. synovial joints where cylindrical projection of one bone fits into trough-shaped surface of another
    motion is on single plane
    allows flexation and extension only
    ex. elbow and interphalangeal joints

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  1. What is tendonitisinflammation of tendon sheths casued my overuse


  2. What is rheumatoid arthritiswear and tear arthritis
    affects more women
    more common in aged


  3. The kneelargest and most complex synovial joint in body
    allows flexion extension and some rotation
    three joints surrounded by one joint cavity
    - lateral medial and tibiofemoral joints


  4. What are the ligaments that support the kneeiliofemora and pubofemoral ligament


  5. What are dislocations?occur when bones are foces out of alignment
    sommon sports injuries


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