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  1. The knee
  2. What are the plane joints?
  3. What are dislocations?
  4. What are condyloid or ellipsoidal joints?
  5. What are the ligaments that support the knee
  1. a synovial joints where articulating surfaces are flat
    carpals and tarsals
  2. b oval surface of one bone fits inot epression of another
    both surfaces are oval
    biaxial joints permit angular motions
    ex. between metacarples and wrist
  3. c largest and most complex synovial joint in body
    allows flexion extension and some rotation
    three joints surrounded by one joint cavity
    - lateral medial and tibiofemoral joints
  4. d fibular callateral ligament and tibial collateral ligament and posterior and anterior cruciate ligament
  5. e occur when bones are foces out of alignment
    sommon sports injuries

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  1. iliofemora and pubofemoral ligament
  2. when a bone "feels" as if it is going to pop out of the joint or partial dislocation
  3. ligaments are stretched or torn
    if fully torn surgical repair necessary
  4. inflammartory degenerative diseases that damage joints
    lead to pain, stiffness and sweeling of joints
    acute forms cause by bacteria
  5. inflammation of bursa

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  1. What is gouty?inflammation of bursa


  2. What type of joint is the hip joint?synovial joints where cylindrical projection of one bone fits into trough-shaped surface of another
    motion is on single plane
    allows flexation and extension only
    ex. elbow and interphalangeal joints


  3. What are hinge jointsrounded end of one bone protrudes into "sleeve" or ring of another
    only uniaxial movemnt allowed
    ex. joints between radius and ulna (side by side)


  4. What are the ligaments of the shoulder?coracoacromial ligament


  5. What are cartilage injuries?snap and pop of overstressed cartilage
    common in aerobic activities
    repair with arthroscopic surgery


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