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  1. twelve fruits of the Holy Spirit
  2. dove
  3. Sanctification
  4. grace
  5. Salvation
  1. a life, purification, gentleness, virtue, and peace
  2. b mission of the Holy Spirit
  3. c mission of the Son
  4. d God's gift of friendship
  5. e self-control, charity, joy, faithfulness, peace, chastity, patience, modesty, kindness, generosity, gentleness, goodness

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  1. Trinity's relationship to us
  2. God with us
  3. study of existence or attributes of God
  4. mother of God, God-bearer
  5. the event in which Mary learned that she was to conceive a child whose name would be Jesus

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  1. Creationmission of the Father


  2. firegifts, strength, healing


  3. dogmacentral doctrine of faith


  4. personthe distinctions among the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit


  5. oildivine holiness, purification, punishment, transforming energy, and light


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