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  1. seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
  2. Salvific Trinity
  3. Trinity
  4. Creation
  5. fire
  1. a three Divine Persons in one God that is a mystery beyond full human understanding
  2. b mission of the Father
  3. c wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, fortitude, piety, wonder and awe
  4. d divine holiness, purification, punishment, transforming energy, and light
  5. e Trinity's relationship to us

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  1. essence or nature that makes something what it is
  2. self-control, charity, joy, faithfulness, peace, chastity, patience, modesty, kindness, generosity, gentleness, goodness
  3. forgiveness of our sins
  4. central doctrine of faith
  5. the ability to speak and proclaim Christ Jesus and the truth

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  1. laying on of the handsthe ability to speak and proclaim Christ Jesus and the truth


  2. VisitationMary's body and soul were united as she was taken to Heaven; she was assumed into heaven


  3. charismmission of the Father


  4. relationdesignates that each Person of the Trinity are distinct because of their relationships


  5. Immanent TrinityTrinity's relationship to us


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