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  1. The serum used for emergeny treatment of snakebites stimulates
  2. Memory T cells can live up to
  3. Antigen-presenting cells usually display processed antigens to T cells in
  4. _____ is not a cardinal sign characteristic of inflammation
  5. Removal of the ______ will be the most harmful of all for a one-year old child.
  1. a impaired use
  2. b decades
  3. c artifical passive immunity
  4. d thymus
  5. e lymph nodes

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  1. collecting ducts; subclavian veins
  2. neutrophils and macrophages; opsonization
  3. they multiply and form clones of identical T cells
  4. the thymus
  5. the lymphatic node pump

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  1. Basophils of the blood help to get defensive leukocytes to the site quickly by releasing an anticoagulant called _____ and a vasodilator calledantigen recognition- antigen presentation- clonal selection- differentiation- attack


  2. All these cellular agents participate in inflammation exceptcytotoxic T cells


  3. This is the only lymphatic organ with afferent lymphatic vesselslymph node


  4. Vaccination stimulatesartificial active immunity


  5. The majority of T cells of the naive lymphocyte pool wait for the encounter with foreign antigens inmajor histocompatibility complex (MHC) protein


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