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  1. T cells achieve immunocompetence in
  2. All these cellular agents participate in inflammation except
  3. This is the first of a series of neutrophil behaviors in inflammation
  4. _____ are secreted by cells infected with viruses, alerting neighboring cells and protecting them from becoming infected.
  5. Helper T (Th) cells do not
  1. a the thymus
  2. b secrete fever-producing chemicals
  3. c cytotoxic T cells
  4. d margination
  5. e Interferons

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  1. lipids
  2. self-antigens
  3. immunity is directed against a particular pathogen
  4. 15%
  5. artifical passive immunity

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  1. T cells undergo positive selection in the thymus, which meansthe thymus


  2. Most common allergies are the result ofdecades


  3. This is the class immunoglobin that provides passive immunity to newbornsantigen recognition- antigen presentation- clonal selection- differentiation- attack


  4. Antigen-presenting cells usually display processed antigens to T cells inthe thymus


  5. A person who is HIV positive and has a helper T(Th) cells count lower than ______ has aids200 cells/ml


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