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  1. All of the following can act as antigen-presenting cells except
  2. Memory T cells can live up to
  3. A pyrogen is a substance that causes
  4. This is the only lymphatic organ with afferent lymphatic vessels
  5. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) targets mainly
  1. a helper T cells
  2. b fever
  3. c T cells
  4. d decades
  5. e lymph node

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  1. margination
  2. artifical passive immunity
  3. epitope
  4. the lymphatic tissues
  5. IgA

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  1. A person who is HIV positive and has a helper T(Th) cells count lower than ______ has aidsthey multiply and form clones of identical T cells


  2. _____ is not a cardinal sign characteristic of inflammationimpaired use


  3. Vaccination stimulatesdifferentiate into memory antibodies, which upon reexposure to the same pathogen would mount a quicker attack


  4. Beta cell destruction that causes type I diabetes mellitus is aplasma cells


  5. Lymph is similar to blood plasma, but very low inprotein


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