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  1. Facade
  2. Age of Reason
  3. Ineffable
  4. Harlem Renaissance
  5. Acquiescence
  1. a 1750-1800
    Intellectual energy
    Question previously accepted truths about who should run government
    Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson
  2. b Incapable of being expressed in words
  3. c Giving tacit assent, agreeing by silence
  4. d 1918-1929
    Cultural center of African-American life
    Produce unique forms of expressing Harlem
    WEB Du Bois, James Weldon Johnson, Charles S Johnson, Langston Hughes
    Promote equality
    New Negro: sophisticated and well-educated African American with strong racial pride and self awareness
    Ended by economic collapse of Great Depression
  5. e A superficial appearance of something

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  1. Slow, tardy
  2. A description of an object, animal, place, or idea in human terms
  3. 1920s, New York
    Narrated by Nick Carraway
    Gatsby, Nick, Daisy, Tom
    Themes: American Dream, Hollowness of Upper Class, East vs West Egg, Green Light, Valley of Ashes, Eyes,
  4. Plain or clear to sight or understanding
  5. Group of words that has a subject, verb, expresses a complete thought, capitalized first letter, and ends with period, question mark, or exclamation point

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  1. TurbulentMaking or having a harsh sound


  2. MeretriciousAlluring by a show of flashy attractions


  3. JovialA recurring idea, symbol, thing, concept in a novel that helps the reader to better understand the meaning behind the novel


  4. Regionalism1865-1910
    Irving, Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe
    Accurately represent speech, manners, habits, history, folklore, and beliefs of people in specific geographical area
    Offshoot of realism
    Importance of setting
    Use of dialects--distinctive forms of language spoken in particular areas or by particular groups of people


  5. SimileComparison between two things containing the words like or as


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