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  1. Ineffable
  2. Modernism
  3. Age of Faith
  4. Tone
  5. Innuendo
  1. a The author's attitude toward the subject and toward the audience implied in a work. Helps to establish the mood of the poem.
  2. b 1910-1960
    Ezra Pound was father of modernism
    Freud, Marx, Darwin, and Nietzsche, TS Eliot
    Stream-of-consciousness narration
    Concerned with accelerating pace of society toward destruction and meaninglessness
    What could inspire construction for a new society
  3. c 1650-1750
    Directed very aspect of their lives
    Bible would help them through human weakness
    Hard work, thrift, and responsibility
    Inflexible in religious faith
    Intolerant of viewpoints other than their own
    Led to Salem Witch Trials
    Jonathan Edwards
    "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"
  4. d An indirect intimation about a person or thing
  5. e Incapable of being expressed in words

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  1. Wishing evil or harm to others
  2. 1600s, Boston
    Narrated by Customs Officer
    Hester, Chillingworth, Dimmesdale, Pearl
    Mistress Hibbins--Governor's Sister, Witch
    Hester--Seamstress, Able, Wears Gray
    Chillingworth--Fake Doctor, Poisons Dimmesdale
    Themes: Sin, Nature of Evil (Black Man), Identity in Society, Civilization vs. Wilderness, Night versus Day, Scarlet Letter, Meteor, Pearl
  3. Giving tacit assent, agreeing by silence
  4. Group of words presented as a sentence without subject, verb, or both--and doesn't express a complete thought
  5. 1865-1910
    Irving, Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe
    Accurately represent speech, manners, habits, history, folklore, and beliefs of people in specific geographical area
    Offshoot of realism
    Importance of setting
    Use of dialects--distinctive forms of language spoken in particular areas or by particular groups of people

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  1. JovialJoyous humor


  2. QuarrelDisagree angrily


  3. PersonificationA description of an object, animal, place, or idea in human terms


  4. IncredulousExcessively talkative


  5. Ingratiate1909-1918
    Focus on raw image
    Forgets metrics, stanzas, and sentimentality
    Power of suggestion rather than definite statement
    Eastern influence of the haiku
    Expressing emotion indirectly but precisely
    Presenting images without authorial commentary
    Ezra Pound
    Use no words that don't contribute
    No sequence of metronome


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