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  1. large estates or farms.
  2. a group of people who settle in a distant land but who still keep their ties to their native land.
  3. a set of laws governing the conduct and treatment of slaves.
  4. the governing body of Louisiana while it was a Spanish colony.
  5. an uprising that took place in France in 1789
  6. not taking sides in a disagreement

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  1. surveyorA person who measured and marked off boundary lines to establish land ownership.


  2. Superior Councila system that gave an individual a charter to operate the colony as a business.


  3. casket girlsyoung women who came to Louisiana in 1728 to become wives of the settlers.


  4. land grantnot taking sides in a disagreement


  5. slavea situation that occurs when armed forces try to capture a fortified fort or town by surrounding it and preventing any supplies from reaching it.


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