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  1. H2O2 + O2 --> O2 + OH- + OH
  2. vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E
  3. most reactive and potent radical
  4. compound or element with one or more unpaired electrons
  5. superoxide radical and vitamin C, superoxide radical and SOD form
  1. a free radical
  2. b antioxidants
  3. c hydrogen peroxide
  4. d hydroxyradicals
  5. e Haber-weiss formation of hydroxyradical

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  1. elimination of hydrogen peroxide with vitamin C
  2. reactive oxygen species
  3. elimination of hydroxyradical with vitamin C
  4. hydroxyradicals
  5. vitamin C and superoxide dismutase

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  1. O2- + O2- + 2H+ --(superoxide dismutase) --> H2O2 + O2elimination of superoxide with superoxide dismutase


  2. formed when oxygen reacts with: catecholamines, tetrahydrofolate, electron transport chain, white blood cellsfree radical


  3. O2 --(e-) --> O2-elimination of peroxyl radical with vitamin E


  4. regenerated by vitamin C and glutathionevitamin C


  5. 2H2O2--(catalase)-->2H2O + O2elimination of hydrogen peroxide with catalase


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