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  1. unstable
  2. quenched by vitamin C, vitamin E, B-carotene and lycopene
  3. needs Cu, Zn, Mn to work
  4. AH2 + H2O2 --> H2O + DHAA
  5. superoxide radical and vitamin C, superoxide radical and SOD form
  1. a elimination of hydrogen peroxide with vitamin C
  2. b superoxide dismutase
  3. c singlet oxygen
  4. d unpaired electrons
  5. e hydrogen peroxide

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  1. eliminate peroxyl radicals
  2. forms ROS
  3. hydrogen peroxide
  4. elimination of hydrogen peroxide with glutathione peroxidase
  5. superoxide radical

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  1. superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical, peroxyl radical, singlet oxygenhydrogen peroxide


  2. is iron dependentpairs of electrons


  3. ozone, singlet oxygen, hydrogen peroxideoxygen containing no radicals


  4. can take electrons from all molecules in the bodySelenium (GSH), Zn, Cu, Mn (SOD), iron


  5. O2- + O2- + 2H+ --(superoxide dismutase) --> H2O2 + O2elimination of superoxide with superoxide dismutase


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