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  1. superoxide, hydroxyl, peroxyl
  2. can cause lipid peroxidation and DNA damage
  3. H2O2 --(Fe2+ --> Fe3+)--> OH- + *OH
  4. vitamin E, vitamin C, manganse, glutathione peroxidase
  5. eliminates superoxide radical
  1. a eliminate peroxyl radicals
  2. b oxygen containing radicals
  3. c vitamin C and superoxide dismutase
  4. d hydroxyradicals
  5. e Fenton formation of hydroxyradical

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  1. forms ROS
  2. superoxide radical
  3. vitamin C
  4. elimination of hydrogen peroxide with vitamin C
  5. elimination of superoxide with superoxide dismutase

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  1. 2H2O2--(catalase)-->2H2O + O2elimination of hydrogen peroxide with catalase


  2. does not need to be regeneratedvitamin A


  3. free radical scavengercoenzyme Q


  4. O2 --(e-) --> O2-formation of superoxide


  5. 2GSH --(H2O2--(glutathione peroxidase)--> 2H2O--> GSSGelimination of hydrogen peroxide with glutathione peroxidase


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