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  1. oracle
  2. tightfisted
  3. conflagration
  4. quiescent
  5. altruistic
  1. a adj. inactive, oft. suggesting a temporary state
  2. b n. a person thought to be a source of wisdom or prophecy
  3. c adj. stingy; miserly
  4. d adj. unselfish; benevolent; caring more for others than oneself
  5. e n. large, disastrous fire

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  1. v. to dig up out of the ground
  2. n. a stage in a process of change or development
  3. v. to smile in a self-satisfied or artificial way
  4. v. to push something into motion
  5. n. enforced isolation to prevent the spread of disease; v. to isolate for such purpose

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  1. slothadj. uncultured; crude


  2. pugilistn. a boxer


  3. paroxysmn. a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit


  4. purloinn. extreme confusion; uproar


  5. benefactorn. one who helps and supports others


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