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  1. medley
  2. benefactor
  3. exhume
  4. assiduous
  5. burnish
  1. a n. a mixture of things not usually placed together
  2. b v. to dig up out of the ground
  3. c v. to polish
  4. d n. one who helps and supports others
  5. e adj. diligent; hard-working; constant

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  1. n. painfully difficult work; pain or suffering from mental or physical hardship
  2. adj. living or existing at the very beginning
  3. adj. complete
  4. adj. dull-witted; unrefined
  5. n. a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit

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  1. purloinv. to polish


  2. uncouthn. laziness


  3. charaden. an obvious pretense or deception


  4. slothn. laziness


  5. moguln. a rich or powerful person


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