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  1. tightfisted
  2. obese
  3. laudable
  4. dilemma
  5. charade
  1. a adj. worthy of praise
  2. b n. a situation in which one must choose between two equally bad alternatives
  3. c adj. very fat
  4. d n. an obvious pretense or deception
  5. e adj. stingy; miserly

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  1. v. to pierce, as with a pointed weapon; to render motionless, as with fear
  2. adj. extremely infectious or harmful; bitterly hostile
  3. adj. living or existing at the very beginning
  4. adj. easily deceived; credulous
  5. adj. about to fall apart or fall down

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  1. assiduousadj. diligent; hard-working; constant


  2. devoutadj. uncultured; crude


  3. sadisticn. a collection of previously published material, usu. in condensed form


  4. purloinv. to steal, oft. in violation of a trust


  5. tactn. laziness


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