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features of rivers Test

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  1. Confluence
  2. Freeze-thaw weathering
  3. Mouth
  4. Tributary
  5. Bluff
  1. a the place where two rivers meet
  2. b the steep edge or cliff bank that has been eroded by a river.
  3. c the place where a river flows into a larger body of water such as the ocean
  4. d Cracking of rocks that results from continued freezing and melting of water inside rock cracks. Causes the rocks to split apart.
  5. e a river or creek which flows into a larger river

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The process of weathering rocks is called what starting with E?
  2. The river feature that results from water travelling from hard rock through to soft rock. The soft rock collapses causing this feature to form.
  3. a curved lake beside a river that once was joined to the river as a meander
  4. a large stream of water which flows across the land
  5. the flat land either side of a river that is covered with water when the river floods.

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  1. WaterfallWater flowing from hard rock onto much softer rock forms what feature in some rivers?


  2. ScreePieces of rock that have broken off and bounced into the river or glacier.


  3. Sea levelthe level of the sea


  4. watershedWhat is the name for the substance that is responsible for changing our landscape?


  5. VThe shape of a river Valley


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