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  1. The 17,000 almost identical small homes built in post-World War II Levittown, New York, are a reflection of the ____.
  2. In Four Marilyns, Pop artist Andy Warhol participated in the cultural _____ of the film star and icon Marilyn Monroe.
  3. Light against dark or dark against light create visual differences in __________.
  4. The assertive clashing of shapes in Frank Gehry's high-tech Ray and Maria Stata Center at MIT symbolizes ____.
  5. The Oklahoma City National Memorial is a multipart memorial site that incorporates a number of symbolic elements, the most arresting being the ____.
  1. a immortalization
  2. b the diverse disciplines that will be housed in the structure
  3. c Value
  4. d Field of Empty Chairs
  5. e need for mass suburban housing for growing metropolitan areas

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  1. heightened emotional impact
  2. evoke instinctive reactions of repulsion and attraction
  3. Piazza della Signoria
  4. be gay and living in America
  5. Negative

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  1. Robert Lazzarini's computer altered study for Payphone is intended to ____.Picasso's Old Guitarist


  2. The 16th century artist Leonardo da Vinci produced what is perhaps the most famous painting in the history of Western art. This painting is known as _____.Mona Lisa


  3. The word photography is derived from Greek roots that mean ____.resolution


  4. The word art encompasses many meanings, including process. Which of the following is considered an artistic process?
    1. memorization
    2. human capacity
    3. a tapestry
    4. sculpting
    5. a building


  5. With a Polaroid camera, the photograph appears before your eyes. This is an example of ____ film.color reversal


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