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  1. Judy Chicago's triangular installation called The Dinner Party was constructed to honor and immortalize _____.
  2. The "active layer" of film contains a(n) ____ of small particles of ____.
  3. Peter Eisenman placed 2711 gray, concrete ____ side by side to create a sense of claustrophobia at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial.
  4. Ralph Going's Rock Ola is a contradiction of what we normally consider when we think of a watercolor on paper because the work is considered to be ____.
  5. In both the camera and the ____, light enters a narrow opening and is projected onto a photosensitive surface.
  1. a emulsion; silver halide
  2. b Photorealism
  3. c stelae
  4. d history's notable women
  5. e human eye

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  1. Weight shift
  2. woven carbon fiber
  3. gauffrage
  4. National World War II Memorial
  5. scale

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  1. For her "Volcano" Series, Ana Mendieta marked the presence of ____ in the landscape using various methods and materials.monuments


  2. In the 17th century, a Dutchman developed a technique for mezzotint, from the Italian for ____, in which the metal plate is worked over with a multi-toothed tool called a ____.half-tint; hatcher


  3. Marcel Duchamp's Fountain is a readymade, produced from an upside-down _____.urinal


  4. Broadly defined, ____ is the art of running an implement that leaves a mark over a surface.drawing


  5. Honoré Daumier's pen and ink drawing, The Three Lawyers, is a caricatured illustration of ____.pompous, superficial lawyers


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