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  1. William Henry Fox Talbot's first "photogenic drawings" were eerie, delicate photographs of ____, produced from a ____.
  2. William Wegman's Blue Period is a canine spoof on ____.
  3. Due to its ____, clay is frequently used to make three-dimensional preparatory sketches for other sculptures.
  4. African-American artist Faith Ringgold records the story of her life and dreams on a Harlem rooftop. Her painted memories are depicted withing the framework of a(n) _____.
  5. Impressionist painter Claude Monet was trying to capture the effect of ____ in his Haystack at Sunset Near Giverny.
  1. a plants; negative
  2. b parchwork quilt
  3. c weakness
  4. d Picasso's Old Guitarist
  5. e optical color

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  1. the diverse disciplines that will be housed in the structure
  2. dips into a pond
  3. subtractive
  4. hard, non-directional
  5. texture

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  1. Which of the following statements about the patriarchal figure in Viola Frey's Family Portrait does not indicate his influential status within the family?National World War II Memorial


  2. According to Marcel Duchamp, the function of a readymade was to ____.prompt the viewer to think and think again


  3. In Robert Smithson's Yucatan Mirror Displacements, the mirrors transform the environment by interrupting the ____.natural setting


  4. When a painter's oil paint becomes too thick, he has to thin it with a ____.compel the viewer to take a new look at the familiar


  5. In Giotto's 14th-century painting Lamentation, joints can clearly be seen that break the blue sky into numerous sections. This occurred because of the ____.fantasy


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