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  1. The working surface from which a print is made is called a ____.
  2. The ancient Greeks developed the concept of the ____ because they believed that it created ideal proportions in architecture.
  3. Site-specific works are distinguished from other artworks in that they are produced ____.
  4. True fresco, or ____, is executed on damp ____.
  5. Context has a profound influence on style. Artworks are very much a product of ____.
  1. a their culture at a moment in time
  2. b Golden Mean
  3. c matrix
  4. d buon fresco; lime plaster
  5. e in or for one location

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  1. femmage
  2. line
  3. It can only span very short distances.
  4. to write with light
  5. soft chalk on coarse paper

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  1. Leonardo da Vinci's Proportion of the Human Figure can best be considered an example of __________.Bilateral Symmetry


  2. Zhao Xiaomo's Family by the Lotus Pond is a ____. The areas that were not meant to be printed were carved out ____ the surface of the wood.woodcut; below


  3. The effects of ____ when each is drawn against a paper surface are very similar.charcoal, chalk, and pastel


  4. In Family of Saltimbanques, Picasso places visual emphasis on the seated woman in the painting through ________.tree branches capped by salt shakers


  5. In Nighthawks, Edward Hopper's desolate scene of late night diners in a city cafe, the scene seems to be set in the period of the _____.1940's


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