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  1. According to Polykleitos, the head of an ideal human body should be ____ of the total height of the body.
  2. One of the best ways to create the illusion of motion on a two-dimensional surface is by ____.
  3. Etching is an intaglio process in which the matrix is covered with a waxy substance and the design is drawn into this substance. The completed matrix drawing is then put into a(n) ____.
  4. Michelangelo's The Cross-Legged Captive is an example of ____ sculpture.
  5. Contemporary watercolor is referred to as ____, made up of pigments and a vehicle of ____.
  1. a aquarelle; gum arabic
  2. b acid bath that etches the exposed areas of the matrix
  3. c one eighth
  4. d subtractive
  5. e blurring outlines

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  1. southern shack dwellers
  2. Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper
  3. line
  4. Carving
  5. tonal emphasis

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  1. The original idea for reinforced concrete began in the 1860s with Jacques Monier, who proposed strengthening concrete ____ with wire mesh.supermodel icon


  2. Probably the most ubiquitous type of monument depicts a man on horseback, known as a(n) ____ write with light


  3. Sherry Levine's Fountains after Duchamp pays homage to Marcel Duchamp's original Dada "readymade" and is a classic example of ____.appropriation art


  4. The fluidity and portability of watercolor has often lent itself to____.rapid sketches and preparatory studies


  5. Whether conscious of the mathematical basis of ancient Greek architectural designs or not, Michelangelo utilized their components when he painted the ____.wood


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