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  1. To make an Integer out of an int, what should be used?
  2. What does the function merge do?
  3. What is a circularly linked list?
  4. What does a recursive program do?
  5. What does a sentinel node hold or reference?
  1. a nothing
  2. b It calls itself as a subroutine.
  3. c The last link points back to the front of the list rather than to null or nil
  4. d It combines two sorted lists into one sorted list
  5. e Integer myInteger = Integer.valueOf(myInt)

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  1. The item being sought in a search
  2. Simple inputs for which the answer is obvious and can be determined immediately.
  3. A record that contains other pointers
  4. dequeued
  5. The order of the polynomial

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  1. What are the disadvantages of ArrayList?Something as simple as a number, or a pointer to another linked list


  2. What does the function reverse do to a linked list?It makes a new linked list whose elements are in reverse order of the original list


  3. What is the output:

    (intersection '(a b c) '(a c e))
    (c a)


  4. With respect to linked lists, what does the function length produce?It combines two sorted lists into one sorted list


  5. What does the function assoc do?It returns the set of elements that are members of either set (basically all elements with no duplicates)


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