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  1. What is random access?
  2. When there is a straight line on a log-log graph, what does the slope represent?
  3. What is a reference?
  4. What is the goal?
  5. What are the advantages to ArrayList?
  1. a The item being sought in a search
  2. b A pointer to data
  3. c describes a data structure in which all accesses have the same costs, O(1). e.g. an array.
  4. d get and set are O(1), and add and remove at the end are O(1) so it makes a good stack
  5. e The exponent of the polynomial, e.g. slope of 2 is O(n²).

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  1. 1
  2. a way of processing a tree where the parent node is processed before the children
  3. 3
  4. enqueued
  5. a pattern that describes a set of similar programs

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  1. What are contents of a linked list?It has pointers that point both forward and backward


  2. What is XML?A directed pointer from one node to another


  3. What is an object?In a tree, it is a node that points to a given node


  4. What is a tree?A directed pointer from one node to another


  5. What is sometimes called a boxed integer?Integer in Java, a record that has a class, has methods, can be pointed to and used in other structures.


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