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  1. What is well-founded ordering?
  2. What does it mean for a function to be intractable?
  3. When there is a straight line on a log-log graph, what does the slope represent?
  4. How does the constructing of a linked list work?
  5. What does the function Intersection do?
  1. a It can only be computed when n is relatively small (for example, exponential)
  2. b The order of the polynomial
  3. c A linked list links new elements onto the front of the list.
  4. d ordering that can guarantee to terminate (go down to zero)
  5. e It returns a set of elements that are members of both sets

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  1. == or !=
  2. O(n²)
  3. A function that creates a new list, but does not modify the original list's arguments
  4. O(n²)
  5. It returns the set of elements that are members of either set (basically all elements with no duplicates)

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  1. With respect to linked lists, what does .set(idx, element) do?== or !=


  2. How big is a pointer?The uppermost node that has no incoming links


  3. What is random access?a data structure that can be identified at runtime as a member of a class


  4. What does a sentinel node hold or reference?The memory address of the beginning of a record, or block of storage


  5. What is the Big O of inserting at the front of an array or an ArrayList?O(1)


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