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  1. How can you find the Big O of an if statement?
  2. What is the term for items being inserted at the end of a queue?
  3. What is an abstract data type?
  4. What is a fair data structure?
  5. When there is a straight line on a log-log graph, what does the slope represent?
  1. a The exponent of the polynomial, e.g. slope of 2 is O(n²).
  2. b The max of the Big O of the test, then statement, and else statement
  3. c An entry in a queue will eventually get serviced and removed so a queue is fair
  4. d enqueued
  5. e a description of operations on a data type that could have multiple possible implementations.

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  1. The same list structure is part of more than one list.
  2. A tree in which each node has at most two children
  3. Extensible Markup Language, it allows users to put tags around their data to describe what the pieces of data mean. <city> Austin </city>
  4. A pointer to data
  5. O(log(N))

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  1. To compare against null, what should be used?== or !=


  2. What is the output:

    (member 'dick '(tom dick harry))


  3. What is the goal?The item being sought in a search


  4. What is similar to people waiting in line?A queue


  5. 32-bits can represent about how many decimal digits?9


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