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  1. What is a pointer (aka reference)?
  2. What is a doubly linked list?
  3. What does it mean to divide and conquer?
  4. When the ratio of times as the size of input is doubled is about 4, what is the Big O?
  5. What is a binary tree?
  1. a It has pointers that point both forward and backward
  2. b To break down a large problem into two smaller problems, until the problem becomes easy
  3. c A tree in which each node has at most two children
  4. d O(n²)
  5. e The memory address of the beginning of a record, or block of storage

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  1. O(n²)
  2. a stack that keeps a fresh set of values for each variable in a stack frame
  3. 9
  4. It makes a new linked list whose elements are in reverse order of the original list
  5. O(1)

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  1. What is random access?describes a data structure in which all accesses have the same costs


  2. Which algorithms show up as straight lines on log-log graphs?Polynomial


  3. What does it mean for something to be random access?Access to any element has the same cost (for example, arrays)


  4. 64-bits can represent about how many decimal digits?19


  5. What will a filter function do?It provides a simple lookup tool to find information in a linked list


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