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  1. What does the function append do to a linked list?
  2. What are the disadvantages of ArrayList?
  3. What should be used to test the equality of the contents or value of a reference type?
  4. What is random access?
  5. Describe how log(n) grows.
  1. a .equals()
  2. b It concatenates two lists to form a single list.
  3. c describes a data structure in which all accesses have the same costs
  4. d Slowly
  5. e add and remove are O(N) for randoms, contains is O(N)

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  1. The equality of pointer values (i.e. do they have the exact same data address in memory?)
  2. O(log(N))
  3. A data structure where each element has two fields: a link and contents
  4. A pointer to data
  5. Extensible Markup Language, it allows users to put tags around their data to describe what the pieces of data mean

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  1. How many links does a node that isn't the root have coming into it?Exactly one


  2. What does it mean to divide and conquer?To break down a large problem into two smaller problems, until the problem becomes easy


  3. What is the term for items being removed from the front of a queue?The right hand nodes all fall down


  4. What is a link?A directed pointer from one node to another


  5. What are the advantages of LinkedList?getFirst, addFirst, removeFirst, getLast, addLast, removeLast are all O(1)


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