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  1. When the ratio of times as the size of input is doubled is about 4, what is the Big O?
  2. What is a First-Child / Next-Sibling Tree?
  3. What is the Big O of accessing some element in the middle of a LinkedList?
  4. What is the Big O of a matrix multiply?
  5. What will a filter function do?
  1. a Down arrows represent the first child, while side arrows represent the next sibling
  2. b O(n³)
  3. c Filter removes items from a Collection if they meet a certain condition
  4. d O(n²)
  5. e O(N)

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  1. Integer myInteger = Integer.valueOf(myInt);
    Integer myInteger = myInt; // autoboxing
  2. It makes a new linked list whose elements are in reverse order of the original list
  3. nothing; a sentinel is an extra node, usually at the front or end, that simplifies coding.
  4. 3
  5. it can be data that is incorrect, meaningless, or random, or storage that is no longer pointed to

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  1. What does depth-first search do?It searches children of a node before siblings are considered (through recursion)


  2. What is a pointer (aka reference)?The memory address of the beginning of a record, or block of storage


  3. With respect to linked lists, what does .set(idx, element) do?The equality of pointer values (i.e. do they have the exact same data address in memory?)


  4. What is the Big O of inserting at the front of a LinkedList?O(N)


  5. What is sometimes called a boxed integer?The last link points back to the front of the list rather than to null or nil


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