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  1. à la fin du siècle dernier
  2. c'est toi le plus près
  3. distraite
  4. le lendemain matin
  5. lui tenir compagnie
  1. a to keep her company
  2. b at the end of the last century
  3. c you're the closest
  4. d absent-mindedly, distracted
  5. e the next morning

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  1. about forty years old
  2. loaded with steaming plates
  3. hard cider
  4. teasing, to tease
  5. help them forget

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  1. teckelhard cider


  2. défiléspread made of finely minced and seasoned meat


  3. dans le noirsomewhere nearby


  4. ministre des affaires etrangèressecretary of state


  5. meubles ancienssomewhere nearby


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