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  1. une gorgée
  2. remarque l'air triste de Natasha
  3. tout près de
  4. à part
  5. ill fait tellement clair
  1. a a sip
  2. b notices how sad Natasha looks
  3. c besides
  4. d the sky is so clear
  5. e right near

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  1. in the dark
  2. at the end of the last century
  3. watches her disappear
  4. fell in love with
  5. in heaven, (anges=angels)

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  1. faire in tourtake a walk


  2. tous ensembleall together


  3. entourée desurrounded by


  4. tarte au sirop d'érablemaple-syrup pie


  5. ministre des affaires etrangèressecretary of state


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