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  1. ce qui est arrivé
  2. durant le trajet de retour
  3. pour que j'invite
  4. tout près de
  5. une gorgée
  1. a what happened
  2. b on the way home
  3. c for me to invite
  4. d right near
  5. e a sip

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  1. is of the same opinion
  2. right after
  3. the sky is so clear
  4. spread made of finely minced and seasoned meat
  5. to keep her company

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  1. je meurs de faimI'm Starving


  2. ouah, ouahbone


  3. ministre des affaires etrangèresto go for a sleigh ride


  4. Ils font du bateauthey're out boating


  5. remarque l'air triste de Natashaout of danger


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