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  1. a life cycle in which there is both a multicellular diploid form and a multicellular haploid form
  2. the arrangement of leaves on the stem of a plant
  3. the process of cutting away a ring of inner and outer bark all the way around a tree trunk
  4. plants that live for only one year
  5. in alternation of generations, the generation that occupies the largest portion of the life cycle
  6. the study of plants

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  1. Reproductive plant organsthe parts of a plant(such as stems, roots, and leaves) that are not involved in reproduction


  2. Leaf marginthe characteristics of the leaf edge


  3. Pollenliving vascular tissue that carries sugar and organic substances throughout a plant


  4. Perennial plantsplants that live for two years


  5. Undifferentiated cellscells that have no specialized in any particular function


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