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  1. perdonar
  2. pedir perdón
  3. No lo hice a propósito
  4. maltratar
  5. besar
  1. a to ask for forgiveness
  2. b to kiss
  3. c to mistreat
  4. d to forgive
  5. e I didn't do it on purpose

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  1. to insult
  2. to forget
  3. to reconcile
  4. to hurt (someone)
  5. to be (un)faithful

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  1. date tiempo para pensarloGive yourself time to think it over


  2. la comunicancióncommunication


  3. dejar de hablarseto stop speaking to one another


  4. comprarle un regaloto give (someone) a hug


  5. discutirto insult


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