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3.2 Spanish vocab Test

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  1. la reconciliación
  2. la disculpa
  3. comprarle un regalo
  4. No quise hacerte daño/ofenderte
  5. ser (in)fiel
  1. a to buy (someone) a gift
  2. b to be (un)faithful
  3. c I didn't mean to hurt/offend you
  4. d apology
  5. e reconciliation

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. to hurt (someone)
  2. detail
  3. to offend
  4. to fight
  5. to argue

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  1. Perdóname. No sé en qué estaba pensando.Give yourself time to think it over


  2. pedir perdónto ask for forgiveness


  3. reconciliarseto fight


  4. Sugiero que no hagas caso a los rumoresI swear I'll never do it again.


  5. besarto kiss


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