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  1. comprarle un regalo
  2. No te conviene
  3. insultar
  4. la comunicanción
  5. admitir un error
  1. a to buy (someone) a gift
  2. b to insult
  3. c to admit a mistake
  4. d It's not convenient for you...
  5. e communication

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  1. to forgive
  2. to make up
  3. to communicate
  4. I didn't mean to hurt/offend you
  5. to commit a mistake

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  1. Sería una buena/mala idea romper con...Don't forget to...


  2. dejar de hablarseto stop speaking to one another


  3. Yo que tú...detail


  4. ¿Has pensado en...?to be resentful


  5. darle un abrazoto buy (someone) a gift


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