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  1. monomania
  2. misnomer
  3. lexicon
  4. myriad
  5. monsoon
  1. a A name wrongly or mistakenly applied
  2. b seasonal prevailing winds
  3. c The unreasonable pursuit of one idea
  4. d A dictionary
  5. e A vast indefinite number

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  1. Characterized by or exhibiting undue or unreasoning devotion to a party
  2. low-lying country
  3. land covered with grass or other low vegetation that is suitable for the grazing of domesticated animals
  4. A small or token amount
  5. a narrow band of strong, westerly wind currents encircling the globe

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  1. migrationAn increase in the general level of prices people pay for goods and services


  2. insurrectionThe state of being in active resistance to authority


  3. odiousReligious


  4. precariousPerilous; balancing dangerously


  5. mettleCourage


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