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  1. nadir
  2. plethora
  3. navigable
  4. modicum
  5. Pariah
  1. a The lowest point
  2. b A member of a degraded class; a social outcast
  3. c Excess; superabundance
  4. d A small or token amount
  5. e able to be sailed upon by ships or boats

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  1. low-lying country
  2. Perilous; balancing dangerously
  3. Patterns and rules of relationship among people who are linked or related through shared descent or through marriage
  4. A vast indefinite number
  5. A medium of exchange, a good that can be used to buy other goods and services

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  1. oasisA lower point that allows easier access through range of hills or mountains


  2. mettleThe quality in any form of representation that rouses emotion or sympathy


  3. pasturethe angular distance of a place north or south of the equator


  4. lexiconA dictionary


  5. onerousBurdensome or oppressive


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