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  1. scurrilous
  2. pedantic
  3. impair
  4. elegy
  5. antipathy
  1. a a sad and mournful poem
  2. b an intense dislike
  3. c tending to show off one's learning
  4. d coarsely abusive; vulgar
  5. e to weaken; to cause to become worse

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  1. stubborn; hardhearted
  2. a noisy uproar; a scence of wild confusion
  3. hard working; diligent
  4. lacking a sense of right and wrong
  5. to keep away from; to avoid; to shun

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  1. parodya work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner


  2. imminentto weaken; to cause to become worse


  3. bowdlerizestubborn; hardhearted


  4. quandarycommon; ordinary


  5. rakishdashingly stylish and confident


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