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  1. denouement
  2. pedantic
  3. imprecation
  4. sanguine
  5. scurrilous
  1. a an outcome; result
  2. b cheerful; optimistic
  3. c coarsely abusive; vulgar
  4. d a curse
  5. e tending to show off one's learning

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  1. a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  2. stubborn; hardhearted
  3. a sad and mournful poem
  4. likely to happen threatening
  5. a noisy uproar; a scence of wild confusion

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  1. elucidateto make clear


  2. antipathylacking a sense of right and wrong


  3. panegyrica work which imitates another in a ridiculous manner


  4. parodyrelating to physical appetite


  5. onerousto read carefully; scrutinize


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