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  1. Hell
  2. Merlons and Crenels
  3. Hayward
  4. Pope
  5. Bayeaux Tapestry
  1. a The head of the Roman Catholic Church.
  2. b The eternal punishment of separation from God, reserved for those who die in mortal sin and are unrepentant.
  3. c Also known as 'crenelations', these were the fortifications at the top of most castles. They allowed archers and defenders to shoot, but to be protected.
  4. d Commissioned by Bishop Odo, the brother of William the Conqueror, to commemorate his victory over the English. Actually a tapestry, it was completed in the years after 1066.
  5. e A person who was given the job of keeping the fields free from roaming animals. Often a job given to a child.

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  1. The first stage of becoming a knight. Usually began at age 7, and involved being taught manners, basic fighting skills and some other skills.
  2. Invaders of the 4th and 5th Century AD, who were heavily responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire.
  3. The name given to the walls surrounding a castle.
  4. Worked in the local church known as the parish, the smallest church district, usually in a village.
  5. A battle involving the armies of the king of England Harold Godwinson and the invading Norman armies lead by William the conqueror.

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  1. MonksMen who devote their time to praying, studying, and copying, and decorating holy books by hand.


  2. Oath of FealtyAn oath sworn before God, which proclaimed your loyalty to your lord. This made you a vassal.


  3. TrebuchetA machine used in medieval siege warfare for hurling large stones or other missiles. Worked like a giant sling.


  4. PurgatoryThe honour code of the Medieval Knight. Involved protecting your lord, the weak, the church and being honourable towards women.


  5. GuildsUsed to grind grain. In the Middle Ages, this was usually found near a stream which was used to power the device.


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