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  1. 1066
  2. Palisade
  3. Squire
  4. Machicolations
  5. Fiefdom
  1. a Overhanging sections of a castle, which were found at the top of walls or towers. They were also known as murder holes and would be used to drop objects like rocks and boiling oil on enemies.
  2. b Fortification consisting of a strong fence made of stakes driven into the ground.
  3. c The granting of land by a lord to one of his vassals. In return, the vassal would provide him with service and loyalty.
  4. d The year in which William of Normandy conquered England.
  5. e The second stage of becoming a knight. Involving assisting a knight in battle, preparing and maintaining their equipment and learning martial [fighting] arts.

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  1. The second in command to a bailiff, his job was to enforce the laws of the manor.
  2. A castle gate that was able to be lowered and raised, in order to allow access over a moat.
  3. Invaders of the 4th and 5th Century AD, who were heavily responsible for the fall of the Roman Empire.
  4. A person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he gave service and loyalty, for which he will receive a fiefdom [land] and protection.
  5. Also referred to as serfs and villeins. Poor farmers who worked and were often tied to the land.

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  1. HeresyThe crime of preaching things that were against the teachings of the church.


  2. GuildsThe process of attacking a castle, with the intention of either starving out the inhabitants or taking the castle by force.


  3. ConfessionAn act which was seen as necessary in order for sins to be forgiven. It involved going to a priest and receiving forgiveness or a penance.


  4. Ducking StoolRaiders and traders of the 9th Century AD, who came from what is now Denmark, Sweden or Norway.


  5. FallowUsed to grind grain. In the Middle Ages, this was usually found near a stream which was used to power the device.


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