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  1. The Crusades
  2. Stone Keep
  3. Battle of Hastings
  4. Oath of Fealty
  5. Knight
  1. a A series of military expeditions in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries by Western European Christians to reclaim control of the Holy Lands from the Muslims
  2. b An oath sworn before God, which proclaimed your loyalty to your lord. This made you a vassal.
  3. c Castle made of thick stone, the keep was protected by a palisade, defensive wall, moat and drawbridge
  4. d A battle involving the armies of the king of England Harold Godwinson and the invading Norman armies lead by William the conqueror.
  5. e An armoured soldier mounted on horseback.

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  1. The childless and highly religious king of England, prior to Harold Godwinson, whose throne was contested by three leaders.
  2. Commissioned by Bishop Odo, the brother of William the Conqueror, to commemorate his victory over the English. Actually a tapestry, it was completed in the years after 1066.
  3. The first stage of becoming a knight. Usually began at age 7, and involved being taught manners, basic fighting skills and some other skills.
  4. A rebellion aimed at achieving social and economic reform for the suppressed lower classes of Medieval Europe. Eventually led to the end of the Feudal system in England.
  5. A large, moveable device, which was used to draw up against castle walls and to allow access to besieging troops.

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  1. SacramentsSacred rituals performed by the Catholic church. There are seven: baptism, confirmation, marriage, communion, penance, holy order (that is, becoming a priest), and the last rites (words spoken at the death bed).


  2. Ducking StoolA Medieval punishment which was usually used against women. It involved being placed on a stool on a long lever and being repeatedly dipped into a river or pond.


  3. SquireThe second stage of becoming a knight. Involving assisting a knight in battle, preparing and maintaining their equipment and learning martial [fighting] arts.


  4. GuildsCraftsmen and merchants would join these in an effort to protect their trade and guarantee quality workmanship.


  5. PikemanAlong with archers, these soldiers came to be favoured by leaders during the later Middle Ages, instead of armies of knights.


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