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  1. Peasant
  2. Purgatory
  3. Guilds
  4. Motte and Bailey
  5. Peasants revolt
  1. a These were an important part of city and town life. They were
    exclusive, organisations; (e.g. Merchants and Craftsmen)
    created to preserve the rights and privileges of their members.
  2. b A rebellion aimed at achieving social and economic reform for the suppressed lower classes of Medieval Europe. Eventually led to the end of the Feudal system in England.
  3. c Also referred to as serfs and villeins. Poor farmers who worked and were often tied to the land.
  4. d Limbo, a way station between heaven and hell where persons could atone for their sins.
  5. e The type of castles which were constructed by William the Conqueror to assert his authority upon the conquest of Britain.

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  1. A large, moveable device, which was used to draw up against castle walls and to allow access to besieging troops.
  2. A deadly disease that spread across Asia and Europe in the mid-14th century, killing approximately 20% of the population. Also known as 'The Black Death'. Spread by fleas on rats.
  3. King of the Franks (French) and Holy Roman emperor. Through a series of military conquests he established the Carolingian Empire, which encompassed all of France and parts of Germany and Italy.
  4. The second in command to a bailiff, his job was to enforce the laws of the manor.
  5. Selling of forgiveness by the Catholic Church. The remission of sins granted to people by the Catholic church for money. It was common practice when the church needed to raise money.

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  1. SiegeThe process of attacking a castle, with the intention of either starving out the inhabitants or taking the castle by force.


  2. PikemanRaiders and traders of the 9th Century AD, who came from what is now Denmark, Sweden or Norway.


  3. DubbingUsed to grind grain. In the Middle Ages, this was usually found near a stream which was used to power the device.


  4. PortcullisA gridded, spiked iron gate that could be lowered to provide protection for the entrance of a castle.


  5. PageThe first stage of becoming a knight. Usually began at age 7, and involved being taught manners, basic fighting skills and some other skills.


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