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  1. Fallow
  2. Harold Godwinson
  3. Knight
  4. Hayward
  5. Mill
  1. a The King of England at the time of the Norman Conquest. Traditionally believed to have died with an arrow through his eye.
  2. b An armoured soldier mounted on horseback.
  3. c The term for 'leaving empty'; part of the Medieval 3 field system. A field was left empty in order to allow it to regain nutrients.
  4. d Used to grind grain. In the Middle Ages, this was usually found near a stream which was used to power the device.
  5. e A person who was given the job of keeping the fields free from roaming animals. Often a job given to a child.

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  1. The act of kneeling before your lord to reinforce your loyalty to him. Part of the Medieval feudal system.
  2. A large, moveable device, which was used to draw up against castle walls and to allow access to besieging troops.
  3. The second in command to a bailiff, his job was to enforce the laws of the manor.
  4. A battle involving the armies of the king of England Harold Godwinson and the invading Norman armies lead by William the conqueror.
  5. Containing successive rings of walls. This was the final development of castles. It had an outer wall and an inner wall with lots of towers and at least 2 gatehouses.

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  1. StocksA lever, which allowed people to be punished through having their neck and wrists immobilised. People would then throw objects at them. Usually used for minor offences.


  2. LordIn the middle ages, a noble who owned and controlled all activities on his manor.


  3. VassalA person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he gave service and loyalty, for which he will receive a fiefdom [land] and protection.


  4. ConfessionThe shallow bottomed ships favoured by the Vikings.


  5. DrawbridgeA castle gate that was able to be lowered and raised, in order to allow access over a moat.


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