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  1. Council of Federated Organizations
  2. the Black Panthers
  3. J Edgar Hoover
  4. Letter From Birmingham Jail
  5. Voting Rights Act
  1. a the council that was created to coordinated voter registration drives
  2. b the letter to religion leaders from Martin Luther King Junior that said change was necessary
  3. c the first head of the FBI who wanted to expose and neutralize the acts of black nationalist hate groups
  4. d the final passage of the bill called on "Bloody Sunday" in Alabama.
  5. e the African American defense group that wanted land, bread, housing, justice, and peace. were very violent

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  1. the idea that there was no place in American Society for African Americans, and put an emphasis on African Traditions
  2. where was Martin Luther King Junior assassinated?
  3. the first African American student to go to the University of Mississippi
  4. the first African American who is elected to be mayor
  5. what the supreme court uses to enforce a supreme court ruling is called..?

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  1. Kerner CommissionIn 1964, when blacks and whites together challenged segregation and led a massive drive to register blacks to vote.


  2. resurrection citythe idea that African Americans needed to create their own nation, and that there was no place for them in society


  3. freedom riderscivil rights activists who rod buses through the south in the early1960s to challenge segregation


  4. affirmative actiona policy designed to give special attention to or compensatory treatment for members of some previously disadvantaged group


  5. Bobby Seale and Huey Newtonwhat piece of legislation banned payment of poll taxes as a condition for voting in federal elections


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