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  1. what is the largest river in south america?
  2. Who actually kills the bull the picador or the matador?
  3. where was raquel welch born?
  4. who is the author of don ouixote de la mancha?
  5. What is the color of the bullfighters cape?
  1. a The matador
  2. b the amazon
  3. c mexico
  4. d miguel de cervantes
  5. e Red

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  1. mariachi bands
  2. paraguay
  3. A
    Castle converted into a hotel
  4. Real madrid
  5. san isidro

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  1. what is the largest country in central america?Speedy gonzalez


  2. Who is the hispanic opera star who made a Domingo song with John Denver?the pico do orizaba


  3. who was maximilian's wife?carlota


  4. what is another name for the rio bravo?lima


  5. What artist is famous for his painting of toledo?El greco


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