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  1. la mancha is home to what famous fictional character?
  2. What is a corrida?
  3. What famous piece of iberian sculpture is found in madrid's Prado museum?
  4. What animal is used for cockfighting?
  5. name 5 of the seven independent states of central america
  1. a Rooster
  2. b don ouixote
  3. c belize, el salvador, guatemala, costa rica, honduras, panama, nicaragua
  4. d The dama de elche
  5. e A bullfight

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  1. Benito Juarez
  2. Spanish
  3. in a plane crash
  4. Jose feliciano
  5. spanish

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  1. in what bicycle race did luis ocana excel?tour de france


  2. name don ouixote's squireSancho panza


  3. Indians in mexico make this good luck charm to protect their homesOjo de dios


  4. What hand set accompanies many spanish dancers?the Pacific ocean


  5. True or false one can ski in spain?True


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