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  1. what is the most famous roman aquaduct in spain?
  2. Who was Roberto Clemente?
  3. in what bicycle race did luis ocana excel?
  4. Where would you find ancient paintings in altamira spain?
  5. What is the most popular sport in mexico?
  1. a tour de france
  2. b
  3. c the segovia
  4. d In a cave
  5. e Baseball player

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  1. Sunday
  2. Cuban
  3. san isidro
  4. Bicycle race
  5. Salud

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  1. Who is the national hero of Spain?El Cid


  2. how many spanish speaking countries are there in south america?the amazon


  3. Where did the tango originate?Bullfight


  4. What was Goya's professionPainter


  5. What unsavory fictional character was the subject of an opera by mozart?Don juan tonorio


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