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  1. What is the nationality of famous spanish singing group "menudo"?
  2. the city of granada houses which moorish fortress?
  3. what is the capital of peru?
  4. puerto rico is a territory of what country?
  5. how many spanish speaking countries are there in south america?
  1. a the united states
  2. b the alhambra
  3. c Puerto rican
  4. d lima
  5. e 9

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  1. Rooster
  2. Surrealism
  3. mexico city
  4. jamaica
  5. brazil, portuguese

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  1. What two american film stars made puerto vallarta their home?Richard burton and elizabeth taylor


  2. in which country does the amazon river begin?Spain


  3. What is spain's most famous soccer team?Real madrid


  4. What does one hire to serenade someone in mexico city?Speedy gonzalez


  5. What was the football war?1969 conflict between el salvador and honduras ignited by hotly contested soccer matches


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