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  1. in what country is the lost city of macchu piccu?
  2. True or false: Sophia Loren is Mexican
  3. how did pancho villa die?
  4. who is the author of don ouixote de la mancha?
  5. What is a torero?
  1. a peru
  2. b in an ambush
  3. c False
  4. d Bullfight
  5. e miguel de cervantes

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  1. The matador
  2. The dama de elche
  3. Desi arnaz
  4. puebla
  5. .6

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  1. What famous artist lived in Toledo, Spain?el Greco


  2. What did Vasco Nunez de Balboa discover?the Pacific ocean


  3. Where would you find ancient paintings in altamira spain?el Greco


  4. la mancha is home to what famous fictional character?don ouixote


  5. Who was the only full-blooded Indian to rule Mexico?cuauhtemoc


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