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  1. Who was lucille balls husband?
  2. Name the musical instrument that Andres Segovia plays?
  3. What is charreada?
  4. Where do you hear the cheer ole?
  5. What is the fastest moving sport in the world?
  1. a Jai alai
  2. b Rodeo
  3. c guitar
  4. d Desi arnaz
  5. e Bullfight

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  1. paraguay
  2. True
  3. bolivia
  4. mexico
  5. Conjunto

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  1. What is the color of the bullfighters cape?lima


  2. What is a tuna?To take a walk


  3. What precolumbIan relic Is the most visited exhibit at the museum of anthropology in mexico city?Mariachi band


  4. What hand set accompanies many spanish dancers?To take a walk


  5. What famous artist lived in Toledo, Spain?el Greco


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