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  1. What is ricky ricardo's real name?
  2. is chile to the east or west of the andres mountains?
  3. what is the body of water between baja california and the mexican mainland?
  4. who was maximilian's wife?
  5. What is tex m ex music called?
  1. a the gulf of california
  2. b Desi Arnaz
  3. c Conjunto
  4. d carlota
  5. e west

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  1. A matador
  2. san jose
  3. Red
  4. Jose feliciano
  5. mexico

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  1. This expression is used when someone sneezesBullfighter


  2. what is the capital of peru?Bullfight


  3. Name the musical instrument that Andres Segovia plays?guitar


  4. who was the last ruler of the aztecs?cuauhtemoc


  5. Who is the famous Mexican artist who also painted murals in Mexico city, detroit, new york, and san francisco?Diego Rivera


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