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  1. True or false: Rocinante is a horse?
  2. What famous piece of iberian sculpture is found in madrid's Prado museum?
  3. what is julio iglesias' nationality?
  4. In what region of spain did the flamenco originate?
  5. Who appeared to Juan Diego?
  1. a spanish
  2. b The virgin of Guadeloupe
  3. c True
  4. d Andalucia
  5. e The dama de elche

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  1. 9
  2. the segovia
  3. silver
  4. Tennis
  5. mexico

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  1. who was the last ruler of the aztecs?Baseball player


  2. What was Zorro's secret identity?Painter


  3. With what do you play castanets?Your hands


  4. On what day are bullfits held?A group of musicians who wear medieval costumes.


  5. This expression is used when someone sneezesSalud


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