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  1. Who are Casper, Melchior, and Balthasar?
  2. what is the body of water between baja california and the mexican mainland?
  3. near what US city does ciudad juarez lie?
  4. What is a parador?
  5. on which continent is spain located?
  1. a europe
  2. b el paso, texas
  3. c the three kings
  4. d the gulf of california
  5. e A
    Castle converted into a hotel

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  1. carlota
  2. the mediterranean sea
  3. Aztec calendar
  4. the US, guatemala, beliza
  5. To receive both ears and tail of the bull.

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  1. In what year were the olympics held in mexico city?1968


  2. true or false: pablo picasso was born in malaga?False


  3. is chile to the east or west of the andres mountains?west


  4. san juan is the capital of which caribbean island?puerto rico


  5. Who was the only full-blooded Indian to rule Mexico?cuauhtemoc


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