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  1. noun.
    One who prepares and sells ointments, drugs, or similar items for medical purposes.
  2. noun.
    A medicine or remedy whose effectiveness has not been proven.
  3. noun.
    A person who practices self-denial.
  4. noun.
    A mixture of different elements.
  5. noun.
    A person with detailed knowledge in a specialized field.
  6. adjective;
    Very old or old-fashioned.

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  1. doyennoun.
    The oldest example of a category.


  2. beneficentadjective;
    Doing or producing good.


  3. obviateverb.
    To prevent or make unnecessary; to get rid of.


  4. imbibenoun.
    An inhabitant, resident, or frequenter of a place.


  5. perennialnoun.
    A senior member of a group, especially one who is highly respected.


  6. charlatannoun.
    An alloy of mercury and other metals.


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