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  1. Errors in the use of Evidence
  2. Appeal Fallacies
  3. Uncertian Use of a Term or Concept
  4. Circular Reasoning
  5. Internal Contradiction
  6. Composition

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  1. When author attempts to attack opponent's position by ignoring the actual statements made by the opposing speaker and instead distorts and refashions the argument, making it weaker and easier to knock down.Composition


  2. Assumes that there are only two courses of action available when in reality there may be others.False Dilemma


  3. This flaw assumes that conditions will remain constant over time, and that what is the case in the past will be the case in the future.Time Shift Errors


  4. Errors can be made when an author improperly equates a percentage with a definite quantity, or vice versa.Uncertian Use of a Term or Concept


  5. Occurs when the author uses an analogy that is too dissimilar to the original situation to be applicable.False Analogy


  6. Errors involve judgments made about groups and parts of a group.Errors of Composition and Division


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