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  1. False Dilemma
  2. Time Shift Errors
  3. Errors of Conditional Reasoning
  4. Mistaken Cause and Effect
  5. Exceptional Case/Overgeneralization
  6. Composition

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  1. When the author assumes as true what is supposed to be proved. The premis and conclusion will be identical in meaning. Ex: "This essay is the best because it is better then all the others"False Analogy


  2. 1)Biased sample. 2)Improperly constructed questions. 3) Respondents to the survey give innaccurate responses.Appeal Fallacies


  3. 1) Lack of Evidence is taken to mean that the position taken is false. 2) Lack of Evidence against the position is taken to mean the position is true. 3) Some evidence against the position is taken to proove the position is false. 4) Some evidence that supports the position is taken to mean that the position is true.Errors in the use of Evidence


  4. Either failing to provide information to support the conclusion or providing irrelivant information to support conclusion.Errors of Conditional Reasoning


  5. Errors involve judgments made about groups and parts of a group.Appeal Fallacies


  6. When a persons character, and not the argument presented is attacked. Ex: "We should not pass this law because Sen Boxer is a lesbian"Ad Hominem


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