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  1. philanthropy
  2. gynarchy
  3. misogynist
  4. hieroglyphic
  5. canonical
  1. a love of humanity, especially as shown in donations to charitable and socially useful causes
  2. b orthodox, standard
  3. c one who hates women
  4. d rule by women
  5. e Egyptian writing system based on pictures

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  1. a list in the back of a book with definitions of difficult words
  2. a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders; can prescribe medication
  3. having more than one husband at a time
  4. an oily, dark-colored, flammable liquid found in the earth, consisting mainly of a mixture of various hydrocarbons.
  5. Words that have similar or the same meaning

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  1. pediatricianphysician specializing in the treatment of babies/children


  2. polyglothaving more than one husband at a time


  3. androidrocky


  4. canonn. Any rule or law.


  5. canonizetreat as a sacred person


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