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  1. Islandlwana
  2. purdah
  3. Tupac Amaru
  4. creoles
  5. Miguel Hidalgo
  1. a ..., Mexican priest who led peasants in call for independence and improved conditions
  2. b ..., descendents of Spanish-born BUT born in Latin America; resented inferior social, political, economic status
  3. c ..., a screen used in India to separate women from men or strangers
  4. d ..., Mestizo leader of Indian revolt in Peru; supported by many among lower social classes; revolt eventually failed because of Creole fears of real social revolution.
  5. e a battle, a terrible defeat for the british but it motiviated them to ultimately defeat the zulus, was in south africa

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  1. ..., The most important military leader in the struggle for independence in South America. Born in Venezuela, he led military forces there and in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.
  2. Country in western Europe bordering Russia, known for its muslim based empire, the Ottomons.
  3. ..., Capital of the Mongol empire under Chinggis Khan, 1162 - 1227.
  4. ..., African in Santo Domingo who led insurrection: showed Napoleon would have trouble maintaining control in New World
  5. What precious materials were discovered in South Africa?

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  1. Congo Rivera major African river (one of the world's longest)


  2. Benito Juarez..., Spanish-born, came to Latin America; ruled, highest social class


  3. 480,000What is the estimated number of Africans forcibly brought over to the New World?


  4. They treated them as equals, as they both believed in the same God. They were two different religions though.How did the Ottoman Empire treat its Christian minority?


  5. Babur..., brilliant general who laid the foundation for the Mughal Empire


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