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  1. Monroe Doctrine
  2. Boers
  3. Ashanti
  4. encomienda
  5. Turkey
  1. a Country in western Europe bordering Russia, known for its muslim based empire, the Ottomons.
  2. b ..., people who live in what is now called Ghana, in west africa, and who are known fro their artful weaving and colorful asasia, or kente cloth.
  3. c ..., A grant of land made by Spain to a settler in the Americas, including the right to use Native Americans as laborers on it
  4. d ..., Dutch settlers in south Africa
  5. e ..., an American foreign policy opposing interference in the Western hemisphere from outside powers

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  1. ..., a screen used in India to separate women from men or strangers
  2. ..., a theocratic islamic republic in the Middle East in western Asia
  3. the ottoman empire was referred to the sick man of europe. Europe was waiting for it to die (fall) so it could colonize
  4. Which Latin American country was a monarchy for several years after independence?
  5. What impact did the Mongols have on trade from Asia and the Middle East?

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  1. He was not Muslim...., a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)


  2. Istanbul..., the largest city and former capital of Turkey


  3. Congo Riverlocated in West Africa, its rich soil gave rise to several civilizations; it also helped unite the region by enabling merchants and travelers to spread goods and ideas up and down the river


  4. zambos..., local south africans that resisted control of boers


  5. They treated them as equals, as they both believed in the same God. They were two different religions though.What impact did the Mongols have on trade from Asia and the Middle East?


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