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7th Grade - Chapter 10 - Foundations of Government/Hamilton and National Finances Test

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  1. Hamilton's plan to repay debt
  2. protective tariff
  3. Average citizens
  4. Alexander Hamilton
  5. John Jay
  1. a First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  2. b a tax that raised the prices on foreign products.
  3. c Hamilton had little faith in them, Jefferson thought they should have more of a say in ruling the country.
  4. d First Secretary of the Treasury.
  5. e Pay the bonds back in the full amount but over a period of time.

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  1. He thought it was unfair to the original bond holders, many of whom sold their bonds to speculators at a price below full value.
  2. This was the basis for the argument between loose and strict construction. Hamilton and loose construction won, the bank was created and it offered economic stability for the next 20 years which helped the economy.
  3. First Secretary of State.
  4. Hamilton wanted the federal government to pay for most of this debt.
  5. way of interpreting the Constitution that allows the federal government to take only those actions the Constitution specifically says it can take. Jefferson supported it in the argument about creating a national bank (which he did not support)

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  1. $25 millionPopulation of American in 1790.


  2. precedentthe area of government that prints U.S Coins


  3. New York CityWhere Washington was sworn into office.


  4. District CourtLowest level federal court where trials are held and lawsuits are begun.


  5. 4 millionAmount of states' debt.


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