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  1. John Adams
  2. Alexander Hamilton
  3. 4 million
  4. bonds
  5. John Jay
  1. a First Vice President.
  2. b certificates that represent money owed.
  3. c Population of American in 1790.
  4. d First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  5. e First Secretary of the Treasury.

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  1. They reviewed appeals to the decisions of the District Court.
  2. They had conflict over the type of federal government which existed, Hamilton wanted a strong central government, Jefferson wanted to protect the powers of the states.
  3. Pay the bonds back in the full amount but over a period of time.
  4. This was the amount of money owed by the United States to its' debtors.
  5. District Court, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court.

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  1. speculatorsPopulation of American in 1790.


  2. Average citizensaction or decision that serves as an example for later generations.


  3. Concern of George WashingtonThat age and lack of political experience might make him a poor president.


  4. Protective TariffHamilton saw this as a way to help promote manufacturing and business in the United States.


  5. Martha WashingtonShe had to entertain guests and attend social events as the First Lady.


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