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  1. who expanded Cannon's work during 40 years of research?
  2. What was Friedman's and Roseman's study?
  3. experiencing high blood pressure due to stress
  4. what are alternates to fight-or-flight
  5. pyschologically caused physical symptoms
  1. a withdraw/pull back, become paralyzed, tend and befriend
  2. b hypertension
  3. c Hans Seyles
  4. d psychosomatic
  5. e studied tax accountants to find the correlation between heart disease and stress

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  1. easygoing, relaxed people
  2. health psychology
  3. General adaption syndrome
  4. coronary heart disease
  5. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

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  1. positive effects of stresscan mobilize the immune system for fending off infections and healing wounds, motivates us to conquer problems


  2. an interdisciplinary field that integrates behavioral and medical knowledge and applies that knowledge to health and diseasebehavioral medicine


  3. unpredicted large-scale events, such as war and natural disasters that nearly everyone appraises as threateningHans Seyles


  4. "mind-body" illness, any stress-related physical illness, such as hypertension and some headachespsychosomatic


  5. What 2 ways can the immune system err in?B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes


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