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  1. the study of how psychological, neural, and endocrine processes together affect the immune system and resulting health
  2. pyschologically caused physical symptoms
  3. the clogging of the vessels that nourish the heart muscle, the leading cause of death in many developed countries
  4. What was Friedman's and Roseman's study?
  5. experiencing high blood pressure due to stress
  1. a psychosomatic
  2. b hypertension
  3. c studied tax accountants to find the correlation between heart disease and stress
  4. d coronary heart disease
  5. e Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI)

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  1. daily hassles
  2. withdraw/pull back, become paralyzed, tend and befriend
  3. B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes
  4. Hans Seyles
  5. it can respond too strongly, and it may attack the body's own tissues, causing arthritis or allergic reaction. or, it could underreact, which may allow dormant herpes virus to erupt or cancer cells to multiply

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  1. Seyle's concept of the body's adaptive response to stress in three phases--alarm, resistance, exhaustionGeneral adaption syndrome


  2. In Friedman and Roseman's study, who were Type A participants?easygoing, relaxed people


  3. unpredicted large-scale events, such as war and natural disasters that nearly everyone appraises as threateningcatastrophes


  4. In Friedman and Roseman's study, who were Type B participants?easygoing, relaxed people


  5. "mind-body" illness, any stress-related physical illness, such as hypertension and some headachespsychosomatic


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