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  1. Archaic
  2. Broach
  3. Axiom
  4. Chimera
  5. Cajole
  1. a an illusion
  2. b a universally recognized principle; a generally accepted or common saying
  3. c outdated; associated with an earlier perhaps more primitive time
  4. d to inveigle, coax, wheedle, sweet-talk
  5. e bring up, announce, begin to talk about

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  1. deification; glorification to godliness, the perfect example
  2. give notice to; inform
  3. completely without guile; natural, without artificiality (ingenuo, sin malicia)
  4. to change as if by dyeing, influence, distort or gloss over
  5. tending toward anger

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  1. Ascetichaving sour or bitter taste or character (acerbo, austero, duro, severo)


  2. Anodynesoothing


  3. Augustimpudent;; in every way, being completely such, bare-faced, utter


  4. Caretto suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention


  5. Acumento deceive, beguile


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