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  1. Convention
  2. Caustic
  3. Antithetical
  4. Abscond
  5. Acumen
  1. a quick, keen or accurate knowledge or insight (sagacidad, perspicacia)
  2. b burning or stinging; causing corrosion
  3. c diametrically opposed, as in antithesis
  4. d generally agreed upon practice or attitude
  5. e to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide

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  1. to change as if by dyeing, influence, distort or gloss over
  2. outdated; associated with an earlier perhaps more primitive time
  3. completely without guile; natural, without artificiality (ingenuo, sin malicia)
  4. to coax with flattery, toady or fawn
  5. concluding section to a musical or literary piece, something that concludes or completes

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  1. Apotheosiscompletely without guile; natural, without artificiality (ingenuo, sin malicia)


  2. Avercause of injury; source of harm; source of persistent frustration


  3. Axiomto commingle, to debase by mixing with something inferior (aleacion)


  4. Byzantinelabrynthine, complex


  5. Canonan established set of principles or code of laws, often religious in nature


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