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  1. Arrest
  2. Belie
  3. Cardinal
  4. Anathema
  5. Beatify
  1. a to give a false impresion of, to misrepresent
  2. b to bless, make happy or ascribe a virtue to; to regard as saintly
  3. c a solemn or ecclesiastical (religious) curse; accursed or thoroughly loathed person or thing
  4. d of basic importance or consequence; primary
  5. e to suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention

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  1. majestic, venerable
  2. burning or stinging; causing corrosion
  3. a universally recognized principle; a generally accepted or common saying
  4. farthest or highest point; culmination
  5. an act of defamation or maligning

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  1. Codaa rude or insensitive person; lout, yokel


  2. Cozenappealing forcibly to the mind or reason, convincing


  3. Adumbrateto foreshadow vaguely, intimate, suggest, or outline sketchily


  4. Brookto tolerate, endure, countenance


  5. Apotheosiscompletely without guile; natural, without artificiality (ingenuo, sin malicia)


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