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  1. Byzantine
  2. Coda
  3. Cajole
  4. Bane
  5. Cardinal
  1. a to inveigle, coax, wheedle, sweet-talk
  2. b of basic importance or consequence; primary
  3. c cause of injury; source of harm; source of persistent frustration
  4. d concluding section to a musical or literary piece, something that concludes or completes
  5. e labrynthine, complex

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  1. to commingle, to debase by mixing with something inferior (aleacion)
  2. to approve or tolerate
  3. harsh, jarring, discordant sound; dissonance
  4. trickery or subterfuge
  5. to suspend; to engage; to hold one's attention

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  1. Burgeonto grow rapidly or to flourish


  2. Bellicosebelligerent, pugnacious, warlike


  3. Causalitythe relationship between cause and effect


  4. Contentiousargumentative; quarrelsome; causing controversy or disagreement


  5. Arabesquecompletely without guile; natural, without artificiality (ingenuo, sin malicia)


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