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  1. equilibrium price
  2. dividend
  3. discretionary spending
  4. current GDP
  5. deregulation
  1. a spending for federal programs that must recieve annual authorization
  2. b GDP measured in current prices, adjusted for inflation
  3. c check paid to stockholders, usually quarterly, representing portion of corporate profits
  4. d relaxation or removal of government regulations on business activities
  5. e price where quantity supplied equals quantity demanded;price that clears the market

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  1. gradual wear on capital goods during production
  2. economic activities in one part of the country or world affect what happens elsewhere
  3. type of elasticity where the percentage change in the independent variable (usually price) casues a more than proportionate change in the dependent variable (usually quantity demanded or supplied)
  4. monetary policy resulting in lower interest rates and greater access to credit (associated with an expansion of the money supply)
  5. state of the economy with large numbers of unemployed, declining real incomes, overcapacity in manufacturing, general economic hardships

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  1. entrepreneurrisk-taking induvidual in search of profits;one of four factors of production


  2. embargoprohibition on the export or import of a product


  3. deflationrelaxation or removal of government regulations on business activities


  4. deficient spendingannual government spending in excess of taxes and other revenues


  5. double taxationrelaxation or removal of government regulations on business activities


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