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  1. easy money policy
  2. deregulation
  3. diminishing returns
  4. diminishing marginal utility
  5. euro
  1. a single currency of European Union
  2. b stage of production where output increases at a decreasing rate as more units of variable input are added
  3. c monetary policy resulting in lower interest rates and greater access to credit (associated with an expansion of the money supply)
  4. d relaxation or removal of government regulations on business activities
  5. e decreasing satisfaction or usefulness as additional units of production are acquired

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  1. gradual wear on capital goods during production
  2. feature of taxation that allows stockholders dividends to be taxed both as corporate profit and as personal income
  3. the goods and services that a nation produces and then sells to other nations
  4. a measure of responsiveness that tells us how a dependent variable such as quantity responds to a change in an independent variable such as a price
  5. interest rate that the federal reserve system charges on loans to the nation's financial institution

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  1. discretionary spendingspending for federal programs that must recieve annual authorization


  2. creditorperson or institution to whom money is owed


  3. demand schedulegraph showing the quantity demanded at each and every possible price that might prevail in the market at any given time


  4. demandthe act of not repaying borrowed money


  5. voluntary exchangeact of buyers and sellers freely and willingly engaging in market transactions;characteristic of capitalism and free enterprise


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