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Elite Vocab Set 901-925 Test

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  1. charlatan
  2. felicitous
  3. appall
  4. clemency
  5. remiss
  1. a n. a fake; one who pretends to have expert knowledge
  2. b adj. well chosen; appropriate
  3. c adj. careless in, or negligent about, attending to a task
  4. d n. mercy, or leniency towards an offender
  5. e v. to horrify

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. adj. old and worn out
  2. n. exactly the right word or expression
  3. n. perfect happiness
  4. adj. probably untrue or true; of questionable authorship
  5. n. a feeling uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt

5 True/False Questions

  1. scrupulousadj. having both male female characteristics


  2. sedateadj. calm; quiet


  3. tomen. a large, orten scholarly book


  4. chronicn. persuasive or artful use of language


  5. subsidev. to settle down


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