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  1. androgynous
  2. assuage
  3. discord
  4. augment
  5. declaim
  1. a v. to make greater, in size, extent, or quantity
  2. b v. to lessen pain or distress
  3. c v. to recite a speech, poem etc; to announce formally
  4. d adj. having both male female characteristics
  5. e n. conflict or disargeement

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  1. n. a religious song; a song of praise
  2. adj. dryly humorous, with a touch of irony
  3. n. exactly the right word or expression
  4. adj. twisted; knotty
  5. v. to settle down

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  1. masqueardev. to lessen pain or distress


  2. compunctionn. a feeling uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt


  3. felicitousadj. having a bias; favoring a cause (usually in print)


  4. anthropocentricadj. interpreting everything in terms of human experience and values


  5. blissn. perfect happiness


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