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  1. bliss
  2. impinge
  3. bask
  4. sedate
  5. arbitrate
  1. a v. to settle a dispute or a fight between two parties
  2. b v. to enjoy a warm or pleasant feeling
  3. c v. to have an effect on something, esp. a negative one; to enroach
  4. d adj. calm; quiet
  5. e n. perfect happiness

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  1. v. to horrify
  2. n. a greedy person who hoards money, even at the expense of personal discomfort
  3. v. to increase speed
  4. n. a person who writes or compiles dictionaries
  5. adj. probably untrue or true; of questionable authorship

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  1. divulgev. to lessen pain or distress


  2. cavalcadev. to make diffucult to understand; to make indistinct


  3. declaimn. an indifinitely large number


  4. tomen. a large, orten scholarly book


  5. gnarledadj. twisted; knotty


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