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  1. loathe
  2. gnarled
  3. felicitous
  4. sequester
  5. apocryphal
  1. a adj. well chosen; appropriate
  2. b v. to move or set apart; to quarantine
  3. c v. to dislike something greatly
  4. d adj. twisted; knotty
  5. e adj. probably untrue or true; of questionable authorship

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  1. n. premise; true statement; a saying
  2. adj. original and inspiring further similarefforts
  3. adj. continuing for a long time; recurrent
  4. n. mercy, or leniency towards an offender
  5. n. conflict or disargeement

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  1. masqueardev. to lessen pain or distress


  2. compunctionadj. put forth or accepted as true on inadequate grounds; supposed


  3. appallv. to horrify


  4. bustlen. energetic, often noisy, activity; a stir; v. to move about energetically


  5. myraidadj. serious; dignified; formal


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