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  1. scrupulous
  2. felicitous
  3. wry
  4. grave
  5. nostalgia
  1. a adj. dryly humorous, with a touch of irony
  2. b adj. well chosen; appropriate
  3. c adj. conscientious and exact; having principles
  4. d n. a general longing for the past or to return home
  5. e adj. serious; dignified; formal

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  1. v. to lessen pain or distress
  2. adj. transparently thin; complete, unmixed; nearly vertical
  3. n. a greedy person who hoards money, even at the expense of personal discomfort
  4. n. premise; true statement; a saying
  5. adj. calm; quiet

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  1. premisesadj. careless in, or negligent about, attending to a task


  2. lexicographern. a person who writes or compiles dictionaries


  3. chronicn. persuasive or artful use of language


  4. decipherv. to read or interpret something confusing or illegible; to convert from a code


  5. baskn. perfect happiness


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