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  1. Patricia Benner
  2. Betty Neuman/ Health Care Systems model
  3. Proficient nurse
  4. Inductive reasoning
  5. Myra E. Levine/ Conservation model
  1. a theorizes that a person is a complex system that responds to stressors (internal and external environments) guides nursing practice at 3 levels of prevention: primary, secondary, and tertiary. focus evaluating pt stability, evaluating effects of stressors on the pt
  2. b based on three concepts: wholeness, adaptation, and conservation (example: obtaining a wheelchair for the pt (conserve energy))
  3. c level 4, is able to see the whole (rather than the parts) of a situation, recognizes subtle changes, and focuses on the long-term goals.
  4. d From Novice to Expert, focuses on clinical nursing practice and her belief that nursing knowledge accrues over time.
  5. e specific to general
    1. 20 males btw the ages 19 and 35 had symptoms of PTSD after returning from war.
    2. therefore, all males btw the ages of 19 and 35 returning from war will have symptoms of PTSD.

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  1. integrated set of concepts and statements that can be used to explain, describe, predict, or control a phenomenon. may be inductive or deductive reasoning (PP page 2)
  2. theory focused on three major relationships: environment to pt, nurse to environment, and nurse to pt. (Environment is the major focus)
  3. interrelated definitions and concepts that are organized for viewing phenomenon specific to nursing.
  4. general to specific
    1. All members of Class A are purple.
    2. Mary is a member of Class A.
    3. Therefore, Mary is purple
  5. helps the nurse understand the ability of living things to adjust (or adapt) in response to continuous internal and external stimuli.

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  1. Imogene King/ Theory of Goal Attainmentfocus on evaluating outcomes, setting goals, self-care. Goal of theory is health for individuals, groups, and society


  2. Expert nurselevel 3, can multitask, plan and set goals, has ability to think abstractly and analytically.


  3. Novice nurselevel 1, student nurse or a skilled nurse being placed in an unfamiliar area


  4. Role theorydefines the interdependence of environments in and around us. all parts of a system are connected, and a change in one part of the whole will have an effect on another. (Ludwig von Bertallanaffy)


  5. Competent nurselevel 4, is able to see the whole (rather than the parts) of a situation, recognizes subtle changes, and focuses on the long-term goals.


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