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  1. recapitulate
  2. abate
  3. astute
  4. modicum
  5. succient
  1. a to review,sum up
  2. b a small quantity of a particular thing
  3. c clever,cunning
  4. d briefly and clearly expressed
  5. e to reduce in amount,degree,to lessen, or diminish

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  1. a person or thing that is loathed, something horrible
  2. deserving blame
  3. tending to vanish, not lasting
  4. a desire or greed
  5. cloudlike,cloudy,confusing

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  1. resuscitateto revive from death or unconciousnness


  2. pretentiousOutrageously bad; clearly wrong or illegal


  3. egregiousOutrageously bad; clearly wrong or illegal


  4. suppositionexcessive admiration,flattery


  5. adulationa terrible mistake


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