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  1. vestirse (i)
  2. romperse
  3. darse prisa
  4. desayunarse
  5. lavarse
  1. a to wash (part of body)
  2. b to break (part of body)
  3. c to have breakfast
  4. d to hurry (yourself up)
  5. e to get dressed

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  1. to brush your hair
  2. to stand up/get up
  3. to laugh
  4. to have fun
  5. to comb your hair

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  1. acostarse (ue)to go to bed


  2. ponerse (la ropa)to take off (clothing)


  3. maquillarseto put on make-up


  4. quitarse (la ropa)to put on (clothing)


  5. despertarse (ie)to wake up


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