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  1. inferior vena cava
  2. tricuspid valve
  3. mitral valve
  4. myocardium
  5. heart
  1. a middle, thick muscular layer
  2. b muscular cone shaped organ, size of a fist, R & L atrium and R & L ventricle
  3. c carries blood to the heart from the body parts below the diaphragm,
  4. d located between the R atrium and R ventricle
  5. e located between the L atrium and L ventricle

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  1. similar to veins, transport lymph from body tissues to the chest, where it enters the cardiovascular system
  2. largest artery in the body, starts at the L ventricle and descending through the thorax and abdomen
  3. carries CARBON DIOXIDE and other waste from the heart to the lungs
  4. returns the blood to the heart from the upper part of the body
  5. transparent colorless tissue fluid that

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  1. spleenblood vessles that carry blood BACK to the heart, carry blood containing carbon dioxide and other waste


  2. erythrocytesWBC'S, combat infection and respond to inflammation...


  3. capillariesmicroscopic blood vessels that connect arterioles with venules.


  4. semilunar valvespulmonady and aortic valves, located between the R ventricle and the pulmonary artery and between the L ventricle and the aorta


  5. venae cavaelargest veins in the body


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