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  1. pulmonary veins
  2. capillaries
  3. lymph
  4. leukocytes
  5. pericardium
  1. a carry OXYGENATED blood from the lungs to the heart
  2. b transparent colorless tissue fluid that
  3. c two layer sac consisting of an external fibrous and an internal serous layer.
  4. d microscopic blood vessels that connect arterioles with venules.
  5. e WBC'S, combat infection and respond to inflammation...

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  1. pulmonady and aortic valves, located between the R ventricle and the pulmonary artery and between the L ventricle and the aorta
  2. covers the heart
  3. largest artery in the body, starts at the L ventricle and descending through the thorax and abdomen
  4. blood vessels that carry blood AWAY from the heart, carry OXYGEN and other nutrients from the heart to the body cells,
  5. RBC'S carry OXYGEN, develops in bone marrow

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  1. lymph nodessmall, spherical bodies composes of lymphoid tissue


  2. platelets (thrombocytes)RBC'S carry OXYGEN, develops in bone marrow


  3. serumclear, watery fluid portion of the blood, remains after a clot has clotting factors


  4. spleenlocated L side of the abdominal cavity, between the stomach and the diamphragm. Largest lymphatic organ in the body..Stores blood and destroys worn out red blood cells


  5. venulesblood vessles that carry blood BACK to the heart, carry blood containing carbon dioxide and other waste


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