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  1. ethics
  2. market segmentation
  3. types of concepts
  4. segment characteristics
  5. forecasting
  1. a Forecasting involves the prediction of upcoming results based on the evaluation of accessible, relevant data.
  2. b The principles of right and wrong that guide an individual in making decisions.
  3. c The process of dividing a market into meaningful, relatively similar, and identifiable segments or groups
  4. d attitude toward a behavior, attitude toward a product object (class, sub-category, brand, model), attitude toward other objects(company, ad, store, people)
  5. e Commercial, financial and industrial activity; production and manufacture, exchange and distribution of goods or commodities; management of money and other assets

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  1. data collected and analyzed to address a specific marketing situation facing an organization
  2. low initial capital investment,some special skill required,high growth and profit potential
  3. An accounting method specifically related to mergers and acquisitions. Under the purchase method, the acquiring company and its fair value are listed
  4. what you buy as a consumer
  5. Internet marketing, also known as web marketing, online marketing, webvertising, or e-marketing, is referred to as the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the Internet.

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  1. international controlsA treaty is an agreement in written form between nation-states (or international agencies, such as the United Nations, that have been given treaty-making capacity by the states that created them) that is intended to establish a relationship governed by International Law.


  2. promotional focusMethods put in place by a company to ensure the integrity of financial and accounting information, meet operational and profitability targets and transmit management policies throughout the organization


  3. types of targetingdemographic, psychographic, behavioral, geographic


  4. consumer buying decision processA five-step application of the scientific method that includes (1) defining the problem, (2) analyzing the situation, (3) getting problem-specific data, (4) interpreting the data, and (5) solving the problem.


  5. surveysThe principles of right and wrong that guide an individual in making decisions.


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