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  1. -Mates of symmetrical men show the most reported orgasms.
    -Women's breast size symmetry positively affects women's attractiveness
    -How symmetry interacts with other criteria for sexual and romantic interest is still being explored
  2. -As interaction increases, so does attraction
  3. -What matters at first
    --Physical attractiveness; IQ; personality
    --Attitude similarity
    --Reciprocal like Interpersonal Attraction
  4. -People near us
    -Physical Attractiveness: We like those who we like to look at
    -Similarity/Complementary: similar to us
    -Responsiveness: reciprocal liking
  5. -Physical attractiveness the most important factor

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  1. Infants and Beauty-Infants (6 month olds) smile more at attractive than unattractive photos of adults (regardless of race of child and race of photo) and, the other way around


  2. Westgate Housing Project-As interaction increases, so does attraction


  3. Some benefits of being physically attractive-Halo effects
    -More attractive people get lower bail set
    -more easily influence others
    -earn more money
    -#1 predictor of date satisfaction for males is physical attraction


  4. Snyder et al.-Males (subjects) thought experiment was about communication--had picture taken
    -Told would have conversation w/female student; given folder with a woman's picture
    --either attractive or unattractive woman (but not woman male subject was to talk with)
    --Talked on phone to a female subject; call recorded
    --Before call: male rated expected friendliness
    --After call: male rated perceived friendliness
    --Conversation rated for actual friendliness


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