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  1. -Males (subjects) thought experiment was about communication--had picture taken
    -Told would have conversation w/female student; given folder with a woman's picture
    --either attractive or unattractive woman (but not woman male subject was to talk with)
    --Talked on phone to a female subject; call recorded
    --Before call: male rated expected friendliness
    --After call: male rated perceived friendliness
    --Conversation rated for actual friendliness
  2. -As interaction increases, so does attraction
  3. -I.V.s
    --Attractiveness rated
    --Personality tests (social skills; introversion-extroversion; masculinity-femininity; MMPI
    --Subjects matched for date (randomly)
    --Rated date at intermission
    --Contacted several months later about further dates
  4. -Halo effects
    -More attractive people get lower bail set
    -more easily influence others
    -earn more money
    -#1 predictor of date satisfaction for males is physical attraction
  5. -Males' expectations reflected stereotypes
    --if thought they were going to talk to an attractive woman--expected her to be friendlier and perceived that she was friendlier than males who thought they were talking to unattractive woman
    -Males' expectations were also a self-fulfilling prophecy
    -Independent judges rated woman (thought to have been attractive) to have been friendlier
    -Playing hard to get
    -Very hard to get empirical data supporting this strategy
    -Although people prefer moderately selective mates to those with no selectivity, lack of perceived interest is typically perceived as a turn off

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  1. Factors affecting Attraction-Contrast effects
    -Opinions of same sex peers (for women)
    -Girls all get prettier at closing time effect
    -Misattribution of arousal: a high/low
    --suspension bridge over a river


  2. Results of Freshman "Welcome Week" Dance Study-Physical attractiveness the most important factor


  3. Reasons why proximity plays a role in attraction-What matters at first
    --Physical attractiveness; IQ; personality
    --Attitude similarity
    --Reciprocal like Interpersonal Attraction


  4. With attractive Children-They are more popular, better liked by parents, teachers, and peers.
    -Dealt with less severely if they commit a transgression
    -Teachers give them more information, better evaluations, more opportunities to perform, and more support for their educational endeavors.


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