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  1. thalamus
  2. primary motor projection area
  3. neuroscience
  4. Midbrain
  5. Glia
  1. a sits on top of hindbrain - coordinates movement and relays information from senses.
  2. b the departure point for signals that enter lower parts of the brain and spinal cord resulting in muscle movement. Found at the rearmost edge of the frontal lobe.
  3. c outnumbers neurons 10:1 in some parts of the brain.
  4. d the relay centre, transmitting information from cortex
  5. e multidisciplinary effort to understand the nature, function and origins of the nervous system.

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  1. includes psychologists, biologists, computer scientists physicians and others that research to understand the interactions of molecules inside individual nerve cells that also includes how neural tissue equates to conscious experience.
  2. central nervous system
  3. ability to maintain and manipulate information on line (in the present)
  4. 2 hemispheres; LHem & RHem, connected by corpus callosum
  5. brain damaged patients and neuroimaging

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  1. apraxiasin frontal lobe - disturbs voluntary actions ie: waving


  2. Occipital lobeprimary visual cortex - experience of consciously seeing


  3. frontal lobesfound behind forehead


  4. Brain damaged patients - what to look forability to maintain and manipulate information on line (in the present)


  5. brainweighs 3-4 pounds and is thought to be the most complex known object in the universe


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