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  1. Frontal lobe
  2. frontal lobes
  3. cranial nerves
  4. The individual brain
  5. Parietal lobes
  1. a 12 pair of nerves that exit the brain directly without passing throught he spinal cord. These nerves control movement of head and neck, carry sensations inward from the eyes nose ears and tongue. These nerves also control various secretions ie tears, saliva and mucus.
  2. b no two identical, localisation of function caries from person to person
  3. c spatial & numerical processing, short term memory, spatial attention, analysing space at the highest level, retaining numbers sort term
  4. d 50% of cortex
  5. e found behind forehead

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  1. identification of the role of each brain area
  2. in frontal lobe - disturbs voluntary actions ie: waving
  3. connects LHem & RHem (transmission fibres)
  4. unilateral neglect
  5. caused by damage to the parietal lobes. Damage to the right parietal lobe = neglect to left handside of world ie: forget to brush left side of hair

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  1. thalamusdisruption in production or comprehension of speech.


  2. Phineas Gagefound behind forehead


  3. brain stemconnects nerves to brain


  4. ponscentral nervous system


  5. Neurospsychologybiological psychology / behavioural neuroscience


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