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  1. agnosias
  2. Cerebral Cortex
  3. Wernickes area
  4. Central Nervous System
  5. CNS includes
  1. a Fluent aphasias - able to produce recognisable speech but do not understand what is said to them. Found in a region of the brain that borders on the auditory projection area.
  2. b brain - hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain and spinal cord
  3. c Outer grey layer of cerebral hemispheres
  4. d unable to identify familar objects ie. visual agnosia unable to identify a fork but knows what it is when holding it.
  5. e includes the brain and spinal cord working as an integrated unit

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  1. ability to maintain and manipulate information on line (in the present)
  2. Phineas Gage case - iron rod through skull = lesion to pre-frontal cortex - resulted in personality changes, profrane behaviour and inability to plan
  3. sits directly on top of the spinal cord - controls key life functions
  4. semantic dementia: increasing difficulty in remembering names of familiar people and objects
  5. spatial & numerical processing, short term memory, spatial attention, analysing space at the highest level, retaining numbers sort term

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  1. primary motor projection areathe departure point for signals that enter lower parts of the brain and spinal cord resulting in muscle movement. Found at the rearmost edge of the frontal lobe.


  2. Four major lobesinitiating modulating and planning behaviour, strategic thinking and problem solving


  3. Techniques used for brain damaged patients2 hemispheres; LHem & RHem, connected by corpus callosum


  4. temporal lobes - damagecortical colour blindness, disorders of movement perception ie: see world in snapshots


  5. cerebellumfound at bottome of hindbrain and controls breathing and blood circulation, helps to maintain balance by controlling head and limb position


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