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  1. CNS includes
  2. Frontal lobe
  3. temporal lobes
  4. Occipital lobe: damage
  5. thalamus
  1. a found behind forehead
  2. b brain - hindbrain, midbrain, forebrain and spinal cord
  3. c the relay centre, transmitting information from cortex
  4. d memory (more than a few seconds), knowledge, face storage, medial surface (long term events/places)
  5. e cortical colour blindness, disorders of movement perception ie: see world in snapshots

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  1. receiving area for sensory information. Found behind primary motor projection area in the parietal lobe.
  2. Outer grey layer of cerebral hemispheres
  3. disruption in production or comprehension of speech.
  4. position emission tomography. Injected with radioactive sugar. Active brain cells soak up the sugar = image similar to CAT and MRI.
  5. 2 hemispheres; LHem & RHem, connected by corpus callosum

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  1. Hindbrainsits directly on top of the spinal cord - controls key life functions


  2. Central Nervous Systemincludes the brain and spinal cord working as an integrated unit


  3. cranial nervesinitiating modulating and planning behaviour, strategic thinking and problem solving


  4. brain stemweighs 3-4 pounds and is thought to be the most complex known object in the universe


  5. Neuroscientistmain information processor of the nervous system. Indiviudals have as many as 100 billion - same number of stars that are in the milky way. Each neuron connects to as many as 50,000 others.


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