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Psyc 122 Dr Wilshire - neuropsychology Test

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  1. Phineas Gage
  2. Occipital lobe: damage
  3. Forebrain
  4. frontal lobes
  5. primary somatosensory area
  1. a receiving area for sensory information. Found behind primary motor projection area in the parietal lobe.
  2. b the largest part of the brain and makes humans who we are ie: complex thought and ability to use language. Beliefs, memories and coping style and emotional reactions are established and controlled from the forebrain
  3. c Phineas Gage case - iron rod through skull = lesion to pre-frontal cortex - resulted in personality changes, profrane behaviour and inability to plan
  4. d cortical colour blindness, disorders of movement perception ie: see world in snapshots
  5. e 3 ft rod into cheek went through front of brain (frontal lobe). Suffered intellectual and emotional impairments.

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  1. memory (more than a few seconds), knowledge, face storage, medial surface (long term events/places)
  2. outnumbers neurons 10:1 in some parts of the brain.
  3. connects LHem & RHem (transmission fibres)
  4. Fluent aphasias - able to produce recognisable speech but do not understand what is said to them. Found in a region of the brain that borders on the auditory projection area.
  5. measures magnetic changes in blood as it deoxygenates

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  1. Central Nervous Systemincludes the brain and spinal cord working as an integrated unit


  2. neuroscienceincludes psychologists, biologists, computer scientists physicians and others that research to understand the interactions of molecules inside individual nerve cells that also includes how neural tissue equates to conscious experience.


  3. The individual brainsits directly on top of the spinal cord - controls key life functions


  4. frontal lobes50% of cortex


  5. amygdalaoutnumbers neurons 10:1 in some parts of the brain.


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