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  1. primary motor projection area
  2. cerebrum and cerebral cortex
  3. temporal lobes - damage
  4. pons
  5. The individual brain
  1. a positioned above medulla and controls timing of sleep and dreams + attentiveness
  2. b no two identical, localisation of function caries from person to person
  3. c the departure point for signals that enter lower parts of the brain and spinal cord resulting in muscle movement. Found at the rearmost edge of the frontal lobe.
  4. d 2 hemispheres; LHem & RHem, connected by corpus callosum
  5. e profound amnesia, inability to retain memories of new experiences

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  1. central nervous system
  2. biological psychology / behavioural neuroscience
  3. found behind forehead
  4. receiving area for sensory information. Found behind primary motor projection area in the parietal lobe.
  5. plays a pivtol role in triggering and shaping our emotions

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  1. agnosiasdisruption in production or comprehension of speech.


  2. Broca's areaFluent aphasias - able to produce recognisable speech but do not understand what is said to them. Found in a region of the brain that borders on the auditory projection area.


  3. 2 Neuroimaging techniquesERP (electrophysiological techniques, functional imaging


  4. ProsopagnosiaInability to recognise faces even own


  5. Occipital lobeprimary visual cortex - experience of consciously seeing


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