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  1. WI Electoral Votes
  2. District of Columbia Electoral Votes
  3. # of Electors per State
  4. # of Electors
  5. Reasons Founding Fathers founded Electoral College
  1. a 1. Shorten list of candidates
    2. Didn't trust people to do it directly
    3. Didn't want the President to owe his job to Congress
  2. b 538
  3. c 2 Senators plus # of people in the house
  4. d 10
  5. e 3

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  1. 10 year census and a change in the number of people in the House
  2. 270+
  3. neither House nor Senate can agree until natl election day, Speaker of the House becomes Pres
  4. Jackson lost but had popular vote
  5. 1. Can win popular vote and still lose President
    2. No majority of EC voters, election goes to House/Senate, where the Pres owes his job to Congress (against Founding Fathers)
    3. Electors don't have to vote for who they're pledged to

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  1. Minimum # of Electoral Votes per State3


  2. Natl Election Day538


  3. Quorum# of people needed to be present to make decision official of the House


  4. 20th Amendmentfurther clarifies Electoral College by separating voting for Pres and voting for VP by the Electors


  5. Speaker of the House538


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