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  1. Weaknesses of Electoral College
  2. 12th Amendment
  3. Selection of Electors
  4. Majority of 538
  5. 2 Exceptions to winner takes all of Electoral Votes
  1. a state party convention
  2. b Nebraska and Maine
  3. c 270+
  4. d 1. Can win popular vote and still lose President
    2. No majority of EC voters, election goes to House/Senate, where the Pres owes his job to Congress (against Founding Fathers)
    3. Electors don't have to vote for who they're pledged to
  5. e further clarifies Electoral College by separating voting for Pres and voting for VP by the Electors

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  1. 10
  2. only Pres until House and Senate make decision
  3. 2 Senators plus # of people in the house
  4. 3
  5. Tues after first Mon in November
    vote for slate of Electors

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  1. January 6# of people needed to be present to make decision official of the House


  2. How # of Electors changes538


  3. Jackson vs. Quincy AdamsJackson lost but had popular vote


  4. # of Electors538


  5. When winning electors go to their respective state capitals to voteMon after 2nd wed in December


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