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  1. any intangible offering that involves a deed, performance or effort that can't be possessed, intangible benefits produced by people/machines that can't be separated from producer
  2. effective services recovery entails ___ and ___
  3. effective service recovery efforts can significantly increase ___, ___, and ____
  4. ___ gap pertains to the difference between the firm's perceptions of customers expectations and the service standards it sets
  5. 4 reasons for growth of service-oriented economies
  1. a services
  2. b goods are produced overseas, specialization of tasks, leisure time, aging population
  3. c customer satisfaction, purchase intentions, positive word of mouth
  4. d standards
  5. e listening to the customer, resolving problems quickly

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  1. knowledge, standards, delivery, communication
  2. service gap
  3. tangibles
  4. customer service
  5. intangible

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  1. the area between customers' expectations regarding their desired service and minimum level of acceptance, the difference between what customer really needs or will accept before going elsewhereknowledge


  2. the ___ method can help resolve service failures. what does is stand for?listening to the customer, resolving problems quickly


  3. 4 differences between marketing services versus goodsinseparable, variable, perishable, intangible


  4. ___ is the caring, individualized attention provided to customers (building block)empathy


  5. providing the equipment or systems needed to perform a task in a job settingemotional support


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