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  1. 1 way to control the communications gap
  2. ___ is the ability to perform the service dependably and accurately (building block)
  3. 4 differences between marketing services versus goods
  4. characteristic of a service, can't be touched, tasted, or seen like a product can
  5. ___ is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service (building block)
  1. a inseparable, variable, perishable, intangible
  2. b reliability
  3. c only promising what you can deliver
  4. d intangible
  5. e responsiveness

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  1. assurance
  2. CREST, calm customer, repeat problem, empathy statements, solve problem, timely response
  3. instrumental support
  4. knowledge
  5. customer satisfaction, purchase intentions, positive word of mouth

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  1. concern for others well being and support of their decisions in a job settingemotional support


  2. 5 building blocks of service qualityreliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, tangibles


  3. ___ is the appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication materials (building block)tangibles


  4. specifically refers to human or mechanical activities firms undertake to help satisfy their customers needs and wantsempowerment


  5. __ gap refers to the difference between the actual serviced provided to customers and the service that the firm's promotion program promisescommunication


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