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  1. characteristic of a service, can't be touched, tasted, or seen like a product can
  2. characteristic of service: cannot be stored for use in the future
  3. the area between customers' expectations regarding their desired service and minimum level of acceptance, the difference between what customer really needs or will accept before going elsewhere
  4. __ gap is the difference between the firms service standards and the actual service it provides to customers
  5. results when a service fails to meet the expectations that customers have and how it should be delivered
  1. a zone of tolerance
  2. b service gap
  3. c delivery
  4. d perishability
  5. e intangible

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  1. services
  2. empathy
  3. assurance
  4. goods are produced overseas, specialization of tasks, leisure time, aging population
  5. service quality, knowledge

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  1. specifically refers to human or mechanical activities firms undertake to help satisfy their customers needs and wantscustomer service


  2. ___ gap is the difference between the customer's expectations and the firm's perception of those expectations, firms should know what customers want to avoid thisknowledge


  3. effective service recovery efforts can significantly increase ___, ___, and ____customer satisfaction, purchase intentions, positive word of mouth


  4. concern for others well being and support of their decisions in a job settingemotional support


  5. 3 methods to reduce delivery gapsempower employees, use technology, provide support/incentives


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