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  1. molecule
  2. volume
  3. surface tension
  4. metal
  5. weight
  1. a how strongly gravity pulls on an object
  2. b an element that has properties such as shine, conductivity, and flexibility
  3. c the property of water that helps certain objects float
  4. d the amount of space that matter takes up
  5. e two or more atons that are joined into one particle

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  1. the amount of mass for each mililiter of a substance
  2. an object's resistance to shrinking
  3. the property that lets you bend and shape a metal
  4. very particular, an element that doesn't like to mix with other metals
  5. when metals are left outdoors and combine with nonmetals

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  1. elementthe particle of an atom that has a negative charge


  2. semiconductorin the nucleus of an atom a particle that has no electrical charge


  3. Newtonthe metric unit used to measure weight


  4. nucleusthe center of an atom


  5. matteranything that has mass and volume


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