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  1. When was Romeo and Juliet written?
  2. What shape was the globe and how many people could it hold?
  3. How many kids did he and his wife have and what were their names?
  4. How did Queen Elizabeth feel about theatre, and how do you know?
  5. Who attended the performances?
  1. a 1594-96
  2. b Round, about 3,000
  3. c Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith
  4. d She loved it. I know because she held some performances at Court and often went to watch plays.
  5. e Everyone

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  1. Everyone, rich and poor
  2. The Pit, Groundlings or Stinkards, 1 cent
  3. Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.
  4. A trap door is a hidden entrance onto the stage from the area underneath that can be used to signify the death of a character or a ghost.
  5. Upper-middle

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  1. How long did Shakespeare go to school and what language did he study?7 years and Latin


  2. What is the Hut and the turret? Why is a flag hung from the turret?Tragedy, Comedy, History


  3. Were audiences as well behaved as they are today? What did they do if they disliked a play?The Pit, Groundlings or Stinkards, 1 cent


  4. When and where was Shakespeare born?April 23 in the family home


  5. What happened to the original Globe and how did it happen?London, England


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