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  1. How do people feel about magic and other superstition?
  2. What were his father's occupations?
  3. How many performances a day were there?
  4. When and where was Shakespeare born?
  5. Who did Shakespeare marry (name), and what were their ages (Shakespeare's age is first)?
  1. a They believed in it a great deal.
  2. b April 23 in Stratford
  3. c Anne Hathaway and 18 and 26
  4. d Alderman and Glover
  5. e Usually one, but during summer sometime two.

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  1. Upper-middle
  2. She loved it. I know because she held some performances at Court and often went to watch plays.
  3. Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Julius Caesar
  4. 3 stories, thatched roof
  5. He plagerized and took ideas from other poets and playwrights. Romeo and Juliet was originally a poem written by a man named Arthur Brooks.

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  1. Where do the richer audience member's sit? What are the costs of a plain seat vs. one with a cushion?Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Julius Caesar


  2. What type of sound effects were there and where did they come from?Cannons and Instruments. They came from the Hut.


  3. How many kids did he and his wife have and what were their names?Susanna, Hamnet, and Judith


  4. When and where did Shakespeare die?April 23 in the family home


  5. What is a trap door and why is it necessary?A trap door is a hidden entrance onto the stage from the area underneath that can be used to signify the death of a character or a ghost.


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