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  1. What were the three types of plays that were performed?
  2. When and where did Shakespeare die?
  3. How long did Shakespeare go to school and what language did he study?
  4. How many performances a day were there?
  5. Where did poor people view the play and what were they called? How much did they pay?
  1. a April 23 in the family home
  2. b 7 years and Latin
  3. c The Pit, Groundlings or Stinkards, 1 cent
  4. d Tragedy, Comedy, History
  5. e Usually one, but during summer sometime two.

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  1. The Hut is a roofed area above the stage where sound effects came from. The turret was on top of the hut, and the flag that hung from the turret showed the genre of play being performed that day.
  2. They were extremely devoted. Most were Protestant.
  3. London, England
  4. Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.
  5. She loved it. I know because she held some performances at Court and often went to watch plays.

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  1. Where do the richer audience member's sit? What are the costs of a plain seat vs. one with a cushion?Othello, King Lear, Macbeth, A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Hamlet, Julius Caesar


  2. What types of people went to watch the plays?Actors shouted lines and showed exaggerated gestures.


  3. When was it rebuilt, and what happened to it (the second Globe)?1644. It was demolished because the Puritans disapproved of it.


  4. When and where was Shakespeare born?April 23 in the family home


  5. How did Shakespeare come up with his stories?Everyone, rich and poor


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