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paper and web based

Symmetrical Balance

Balanced in arrangement; capable of division by a central line into similar halves

Vertical Symmetry

Each vertical half (excluding text) of the site is a near mirror image of the other

Horizontal Symmetry

Each horizontal half (excluding text) of the site is a near mirror image of the other

Asymmetrical Balance

Typically offcenter or created with an odd or mismatched number of disparate elements

Radial Balance

Place elements in orderly rows and columns (may create swirl or spiral path) working from the center point


Invisible structure (visible while working) that helps ensure that you place all the elements in the correct location to help achieve balance, continuity and consistency

Asymmetrical/All Over Balance

Use of an underlying grid that spreads pieces out over the entire page

Rule of Thirds

Visually dividing the page into thirds vertically and/or horizontally and placing the most inportant elements within those thirds

Visual Center

Placing important elements or the focal point of the design within the visual center of a piece

Asymmetrical Tension

An off-balance design that is barely contained on a page layout. It creates a sense of freedom and movement.

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