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  1. interventricular septum
  2. inferior vena cava
  3. veins
  4. left hip (5th intercostal)
  5. pectinate muscles
  1. a Which delivers blood, either oxygenated or not, to the heart; veins or arteries?
  2. b Vein that brings blood back to the heart from the lower body.
  3. c Muscles that make up the roughened wall of the right atrium.
  4. d Where does the apex (the bottom) of the heart point to?
  5. e Internal separation or partition of the ventricles.

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  1. Gap junctions in cardiac muscle that allow ions to pass freely from cell to cell to allow a quick depolarization across the heart.
  2. Valve in the left ventricle that guard the aorta.
  3. Fibers that attach papillary muscles to flaps of ventricles.
  4. After birth, what does the DUCTUS VENOSUS become?
    HINT: It closes.
  5. What is the name of the CIRCUIT of the left side of the heart?

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  1. serous pericardiumWhat is the name of the inner pericardium layer that is deep to the fibrous layer?


  2. pulmonary circuitLarge artery that takes blood away from the heart (via the left ventricle) and to the lungs.


  3. arteriesBlood vessels that take blood AWAY from the heart from the ventricles.


  4. coronary circulationWhich arteries supply the blood to the heart itself?


  5. interatrial septumInternal partition that separates the two atria.


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