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  1. cardiac veins
  2. ligamentum arteriosum
  3. ligamentum venosum
  4. chordae tendineae
  5. interventricular septum
  1. a After birth, what does the DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS become?
  2. b Internal separation or partition of the ventricles.
  3. c After birth, what does the DUCTUS VENOSUS become?
    HINT: It closes.
  4. d Veins, in general, that return blood used up by the heart itself to the right atrium of the heart.
  5. e Fibers that attach papillary muscles to flaps of ventricles.

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  1. Chambers in the heart that pump blood away from the heart (we mammals have 2 of these).
  2. Fingerlike projections off the trabeculae carnae into the cavity. Their apexes have chordae tendinae that attach them to flaps of ventricles.
  3. Where does the apex (the bottom) of the heart point to?
  4. What is the name of the CIRCUIT of the left side of the heart?
  5. Muscles that make up the roughened wall of the right atrium.

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  1. aortic semilunar valveValve in the left ventricle that guard the aorta.


  2. superior vena cavaVein that brings blood back to the heart from the lower body.


  3. bicuspid valveThe atrioventricular valve in the left ventricle with 2 flasks (cusps).


  4. fibrous pericardiumWhat is the name of the outer fibrous layer of the pericardium? It is a loose fitting sac of dense irregular connective tissue around the heart.


  5. right shoulder (T6-T9)Where does the base (the top) of the heart point to?


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