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cardio terminalis LOL Test

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  1. moderator band
  2. pericardium
  3. myocardium
  4. intercalated discs
  5. trabeculae carneae
  1. a The prominent trabeculae, a curved muscular bundle that runs from interventricular septum to the base of the anterior pupillary muscle. Carries the intrinsic conducting system of the heart.
  2. b There are three layers of the heart. The bulk of the wall of the heart; made up of cardiac muscle tissue and contracts (pumps) the heart. Middle layer.
  3. c What is the name of the sac that covers the heart?
  4. d Branching ridges of cardiac muscle that form the internal surface of the ventricles.
  5. e Gap junctions in cardiac muscle that allow ions to pass freely from cell to cell to allow a quick depolarization across the heart.

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  1. Vessels that bring blood from the lungs into the left atrium.
  2. After birth, what does the DUCTUS ARTERIOSUS become?
  3. The layer of the pericardium that is a single layer of epithelium cells that lines both the internal surface of the fibrous pericardium and the outer surface of the heart?
  4. Chambers in the heart that pump blood away from the heart (we mammals have 2 of these).
  5. Which ventricle is thicker, the right or the left?

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  1. pericardial cavityWhat is the space between the layers of the serous pericardium?


  2. bicuspid valveValve between the atrium and ventricle,a lso known as the right atrio-ventricular valve, it has 3 flasks.


  3. non contractile cardiac muscle cellsCells in the myocardium that initiate impulses around the heart; also known as the Cardiac Conducting System


  4. visceral layer (epicardium)What is the name of the inner pericardium layer that is deep to the fibrous layer?


  5. pectinate musclesMuscles that make up the roughened wall of the right atrium.


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