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  1. What can you do in the Great Barrier Reef
  2. What type of sport is very popular?
  3. What is their national language
  4. What is a dingo
  5. Austrailia and Islands
  1. a english
  2. b Western Hemisphere
  3. c dog
  4. d Scuba Dive
  5. e watersports

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  1. Aborigines
  2. Sydney
  3. When the doctors fly to patients and patients fly to hospitals
  4. yes
  5. uniforms

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  1. CapitalNorthern Hemisphere


  2. What foods do the preferfish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer


  3. What are pubs?bars


  4. Boundaries South and WestPacific Ocean


  5. Is their standard of liviing high, medium, or lowThe Great White Shark


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