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Australia Test

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  1. What do they lead the world in
  2. What is meant by "bush" or "outback"?
  3. Is their standard of liviing high, medium, or low
  4. Animals of Austrialia (9)
  5. The Great Barrier Reef is home to
  1. a The Great White Shark
  2. b Anywhere where the cities are not
  3. c Emu, kangaroo, koala bear, withcy grub, kookaburra, honey ants, dingo, tasmanian devil, marsupial
  4. d high
  5. e wool production

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  1. bars
  2. They are highly unionized
  3. yes
  4. Sheep - wool is called white gold
  5. Aborigines

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  1. NicknameLand Down Under


  2. Location of ContinentSouthern Hemisphere


  3. What do they wear to school?uniforms


  4. What will they bet on?most anything


  5. Do they have a desire to win?They are highly unionized


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