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  1. Animals of Austrialia (9)
  2. Is Austrialia and independent country?
  3. Capital
  4. What kind of ballet at Parlimentary election?
  5. What do they lead the world in
  1. a Camberra
  2. b secret
  3. c yes
  4. d wool production
  5. e Emu, kangaroo, koala bear, withcy grub, kookaburra, honey ants, dingo, tasmanian devil, marsupial

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  1. Great Barrier Reef
  2. Land Down Under
  3. most anything
  4. high
  5. Lessons of the air - over the radio

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  1. What is a popular sport?pouched animal


  2. What special ceremonial things do they do (3)wool production


  3. Austrialians are considered to beWestern Hemisphere


  4. What % live in the city85%


  5. What is the "Flying Doctor Service"?uniforms


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