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  1. Physical attributes
  2. How are children taught school
  3. What type of sport is very popular?
  4. Island
  5. Do they have unions?
  1. a Smalles of the continents, flattest - only 1 mountain range, driest - outback
  2. b They are highly unionized
  3. c watersports
  4. d Eastern Hemisphere
  5. e Lessons of the air - over the radio

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  1. The Great White Shark
  2. Sydney
  3. english
  4. Indian Ocean
  5. yes

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  1. What is a marsupialdog


  2. Types of PeopleCamberra


  3. What is a popular sport?pouched animal


  4. Are they a member of the U.N.?Yes, they have an agressive desire to win


  5. What is meant by "bush" or "outback"?Anywhere where the cities are not


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