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  1. Who was the first to use the boomerang as a weapon and a woomer as a spear thrower?
  2. What is located on North East coast of Austrailia
  3. Island
  4. Do they have a state or official religion
  5. What can you do in the Great Barrier Reef
  1. a Aborigines
  2. b No
  3. c Great Barrier Reef
  4. d Scuba Dive
  5. e Eastern Hemisphere

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  1. fish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer
  2. Sheep - wool is called white gold
  3. Anywhere where the cities are not
  4. When the doctors fly to patients and patients fly to hospitals
  5. the most urbanized people

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  1. When did white men arrive?most anything


  2. IslandsNorthern Hemisphere


  3. What % live in the cityfish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer


  4. Boundries North and EastIndian Ocean


  5. Do they have unions?They are highly unionized


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