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  1. What will they bet on?
  2. What are the 8 states and 2 territories
  3. What type of sport is very popular?
  4. What special ceremonial things do they do (3)
  5. What can you do in the Great Barrier Reef
  1. a Scuba Dive
  2. b watersports
  3. c Western Austrailia, South Austrailia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Austrialian Capital Territory
  4. d Rock paintings, bark paintings, dances
  5. e most anything

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  1. When the doctors fly to patients and patients fly to hospitals
  2. Aborigines
  3. everynight
  4. pouched animal
  5. Sydney

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  1. What foods do the preferfish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer


  2. Types of Peoplebars


  3. They were one of the first countries to let wemon?vote


  4. What is their national languageenglish


  5. What kind of ballet at Parlimentary election?most anything


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