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  1. What are pubs?
  2. How are children taught school
  3. The Great Barrier Reef is home to
  4. What is a popular sport?
  5. What kind of ballet at Parlimentary election?
  1. a cricket
  2. b The Great White Shark
  3. c secret
  4. d Lessons of the air - over the radio
  5. e bars

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  1. english
  2. fish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer
  3. Sheep - wool is called white gold
  4. No
  5. Smalles of the continents, flattest - only 1 mountain range, driest - outback

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  1. Location of Continentdog


  2. Boundries North and EastSouthern Hemisphere


  3. What was the first colonymost anything


  4. What can you do in the Great Barrier Reeffish, kangaroo, buffalo, beer


  5. Largest and Oldest City85%


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